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Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by korebwyn, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. korebwyn

    korebwyn Loyal Freddie


    Posted it on BW yesterday and it seem to be dead this morning.

    NOT from TLW Raids.

    Blood Spire Necklace
    +8% thrust, +8% crush, +8% slash, +56 hits

    Diamond Encrusted Belt
    +30 str, +27 dex, +48 hits

    Sable Warlock's Gloves
    51 af, 100% quality, 35% bonus
    +3 mind, matter, and body magic, +10% thrust, +8% crush, +40 hits
    95 pt targeted cold direct damage proc
    [1.64 note: +3 mind magic changed to +3 magic]

    Royal Assassin's Boots
    102 af, 100% quality, 35% bonus
    +3 melee, +15 qui, +10% thrust, +8% cold
    95 pt targeted cold direct damage proc
    [1.64 note: +3 thrust changed to +3 melee]

    Current bids as i remember them:

    Necklage 2 plat
    Belt 3.5 plat
    Gloves 500g
    Boots 500g
  2. korebwyn

    korebwyn Loyal Freddie

    Still for sale *bump*
  3. Gorse

    Gorse Fledgling Freddie

    3.7 for the belt

  4. Delket

    Delket Fledgling Freddie

  5. korebwyn

    korebwyn Loyal Freddie

    Selling belt tomorrow Sunday 21:00 CET.

    Highest bid here get's it osv.
  6. korebwyn

    korebwyn Loyal Freddie

    5 ½ hours left. gogo ! :)
  7. Loch

    Loch Fledgling Freddie

    2.1p on teh necky ;o
  8. Gorse

    Gorse Fledgling Freddie

    550 on boots
  9. Claudio

    Claudio Fledgling Freddie

    royal assassin boots

    I'll offer you 650 g for the boots if still there Korebwyn :sex: :sex:

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