WTB ubah bracer

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Farek, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Farek

    Farek Fledgling Freddie

    high util etc, post stats and prices here tyvm
  2. mmmpie

    mmmpie Fledgling Freddie

    For a Tank or Caster?
  3. judas

    judas One of Freddy's beloved

    tank ofc.:m00:
    well pally so a bit of both...
  4. Arilinn

    Arilinn Loyal Freddie

    The only bracers you can fit in perfectly in a template probably are; Ebon hide and CB. Great bracers as you already know. There are some bracers that drops in Aerus which are great too and a quest bracer too. Like these:

    Naxos Abalone Bracer
    Level: 42 Quality: 100
    Effect 1: 2 All Melee Skill Bonus
    Effect 2: 22 Strength
    Effect 3: 48 Hits
    Effect 4: 8 Strength Cap Increase
    Effect 5: 2 Melee Speed Bonus
    Utility: 36.67

    Bracer of Rain (Think these are the right stats)
    Level: 49 Quality: 100
    Effect 1: Strength: 30 pts
    Effect 2: Matter Resist: 9%
    Effect 3: Hits: 64 pts
    Effect 4: Melee Combat Speed: 2%
    Effect 5: Style Damage: 2% vs Humanoid, Elemental, Animal
    Utility: 54.00
    Also A 10/10 Haste charge that lasts 10 minutes

    Bracer of Thunder
    Level: 49 Quality: 100
    Effect 1: Strength: 18 pts
    Effect 2: Cold Resist: 8%
    Effect 3: Matter Resist: 8%
    Effect 4: Heat Resist: 8%
    Effect 5: Style Damage: 2% vs Undead, Animal, Humanoid
    Utility: 60.00

    Thats what I came up with for the moment at least :)

    P.S: Kom tillbaka, saknar när du ignorerar mig när jag frågar om jag får joina ;) Ses!
  5. Aussie

    Aussie Banned

    i think he's looking for a rog :<
  6. Arilinn

    Arilinn Loyal Freddie

    Mostly Rog's doesn't have high Utility though :/
    And chances arent high that you'll find a "Ubah" Rog bracer, right? :touch:
  7. Kenniii

    Kenniii Fledgling Freddie

    how much for that? might be intrested :)
  8. adaptive

    adaptive Fledgling Freddie

    its free if you have a tank to go quest it :)
  9. Farek

    Farek Fledgling Freddie

    whatever as long as its high UV :]
  10. Arilinn

    Arilinn Loyal Freddie

    Tell me what you're looking for Farek, Resists or stats, caps, Melee bonuses, etc :) Easier for me to pick out certain bracers then. Thanks
  11. judas

    judas One of Freddy's beloved

    i call for a Xanxicarian raid !!
  12. Arilinn

    Arilinn Loyal Freddie

    Judas, när du har fått mace of apollo så kör vi en raid :kissit:

    Right Wrist
    Name: Bracer of Silent Oblivion
    Level: 51 Quality: 100
    Effect 1: 60 Hits
    Effect 2: 22 Quickness
    Effect 3: 22 Dexterity
    Effect 4: 2 Melee Speed Bonus
    Effect 5: 4 Parry
    Utility: 64.33

    That's a beauty :)
  13. mmmpie

    mmmpie Fledgling Freddie

    Zahur Bracer, is a good bracer for a pal! :)

  14. stajj

    stajj Guest

    wormskin wrap with h/c/e is nice in any temp
  15. Farek

    Farek Fledgling Freddie

    Stats, skill (slash, shield) and hits mainly. Mayhaps some resists aswell
  16. Arilinn

    Arilinn Loyal Freddie

    Searching :)
  17. Arilinn

    Arilinn Loyal Freddie

    Zahur's Bracer
    Magic Level: 50 Quality: 100
    Effect 1: Crush Resist: 6%
    Effect 2: Matter Resist: 6%
    Effect 3: Hits: 60 pts
    Effect 4: Heat Resist: 6%

    Item bonuses:
    Hit Points bonus cap: 40
    Armor factor (AF): 10

    Also has a 10/10 Dmg add.

    No skill though, but a nice bracer, Goes for like nothing on ME.

    Cursed Crypt Bracer:
    Level:50 Quality: 100
    Effect 1: Crush Resist: 6%
    Effect 2: Slash Resist: 6%
    Effect 3: Thrust Resist: 6%
    Effect 4: Matter Resist: 6%
    Effect 5: Hits: 24 pts
    Effect 6: Energy Resist: 6%
    (Catacombs drop)
  18. Farek

    Farek Fledgling Freddie

  19. Dafft

    Dafft One of Freddy's beloved

    Dont think we'll get a bracer like the ring tbh.

    Closest decent bracer is the silent oblivion one, Zahur's is nice too
  20. judas

    judas One of Freddy's beloved

    Xanxicarian drops uber uv bracers like that ring so lets do a Raid!!!
  21. Summoner

    Summoner Fledgling Freddie

    Check Bracer of the Zephyr, it's ~60uv afair: dex and 3 resists...
    Bracer of heavenly body is nice aslo...

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