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Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Wai, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Wai

    Wai Fledgling Freddie

    not sure if i can afford yet but looking for one of the following weapons so can ppl give me usual prices or how much u're selling for if u have one

    Dreaded Frostbound Claw
    Frozen Moon Claw
    Icy Barbed Moon Claw
    Icy War Greave
    Writhing Moon Fang

    Looking for one of these so post usual price or if selling how much u're selling for :D

  2. Wai

    Wai Fledgling Freddie

    surely someone knows how much one of these claws costs or has one to offer :eek:
  3. Wai

    Wai Fledgling Freddie

  4. lator

    lator Fledgling Freddie

    I might sell these:

    Dreaded Frostbound Fang (dyed Gold)
    Icy Barbed Moon Claw (dyed Gold)

    PM me for offers...

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