WTB some items


Fledgling Freddie
Jul 28, 2004
Corrupt Cincture of Terkari - 8p
Arcanium Blade of Conflict - 1p
Lightning Etched Chain Sleeves (dex/acu version) - 15p
Abrogo Stones - 500g
Exerpise Stones - 3p
Dragonscale Buckler - 3p

Corrupt Cincture of Terkari
Arcanium Blade of Conflict
Lightning Etched Chain Sleeves (dex/acu)
Abrogo Stones
Exerpise Stones
Dragonscale Buckler

Contact me here or in-game on Condoin or Savant (or anyone in The Iron Wind), although as I live in NY, its going to be hard to organize a weekday pickup unless you play very late.

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