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Apr 21, 2004
Got SoD (Star of desteny)

A ml respec stone. Bid starts at 6p & Buyout at 20p

Increase with 1p and hgihest bid will win!

This will end on the upcoming weekends saturday at 20.00 CET! the 12th.

Always read the words with small! :)

I know i can set the bid to be 10p. But if the bid is only 7p or 8p i will cancel the trade because the stone is worth more than that, just giving it a shot at 6p and hope it will go up, up as good as if it was Mad Tales 3 :).​

Well here it start and if anyone is interrestet i got Mad tales 1of3 and 2of3 for sale as well so leave a msg under here! :)

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