WTA MP cloth peices

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Pringler, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Pringler

    Pringler Fledgling Freddie

    Got some 51+ Cloth for auction, All peices are MP except vest that is 99%.
    Selling as one lot

    Min bid: 3p
    Minimum Increase: 100g

    Good luck bidding auction ends monday 28th

    loads of 99% cloth for sale at just above cost price at house 128 aswell as a constant supply of water pots
  2. xanir

    xanir Fledgling Freddie


    The message you have entered is too short :(
  3. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH


    (Bubble a LGM tailor but it takes to bloody long to craft this stuff :p)
  4. xanir

    xanir Fledgling Freddie

  5. Pringler

    Pringler Fledgling Freddie

    ^^ bump ^^

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