WTA Arcanite Astral Leggings of Fortification


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 11, 2005
Magical Bonuses:

- Constitution: 21 pts
- Hits: 56 pts
- ALL magic skills: 2 pts (Druids only)
- ALL melee weapon skills: 2 pts (Wardens, Heros, Champions)
- Fatigue: 5 pts (Wardens, Heros, Champions)
- Strength: 22 pts (Wardens, Heros, Champions)

Level 50 Requirement

Bonus to healing effectiveness: 7% (Druids only)
Bonus to spell range: 2%(Druids only)
Dexterity attribute cap: 7

Magical Ability:
Function: resistance enhancement

Enhances the target's resistance to the listed damage type.

Resists crush/slash/thrust: 5
Target: Self
Duration: 30 sec
Casting time: 2.0 sec

Start bid 40p - buyout 70p.
1p min increase.
Ends Friday 9th september.

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