WoV is recruiting 2 new members for our G2 RVR group


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Feb 19, 2004
Wrath of Valhalla is currently recruiting 2 new members to take the last two spots in our G2 RVR group. I have been getting alot of good feedback from people after recruiting for the first group - which is turning out pretty good in my opinion - which has led to us starting another group aswell. Same rules goes for this, in order to join this RVR group your character will have to join Wrath of Valhalla (of course your other characters can be in other guild if you want to).

We are using Ventrilo when RVR'ing, so its even better if you're also using this. If I have to choose between two similar guys, I would most likely pick the one who uses Ventrilo ..

G2 will also run 2 times a week, most likely on mondays & thursdays at 20.00 CET - 23.00/24.00. However this might be changed to suit everyone. One thing for certain is that G2 will not run on the same nights as G1 (Sunday & Wednesday)

The setup is a bit different from G1, which only has 2 healers.

Spiritmaster (Dark)
RM (Dark)

What we need, is an aug shaman and a zerker. So if you are interested then please contact me with your character name, realm rank, aswell as info on your ML and your template. You can either reply in here, or PM me, or contact me on MSN (almstedt1980@hotmail.com).


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Dec 30, 2003
Nice, more guild groups. :) Prydwen has a lot of catching up to do for if we are going to be clustered with Excalibur, where the FG-vs-FG scene appears quite strong.

Let's just see if the useless gimps can keep their hands off this thread...

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