Why isn't there any E&E for camlann?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phoebee-v-, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Phoebee-v-

    Phoebee-v- Fledgling Freddie

    Topic says it all as there starting to get rather silly when every 2-3 people you kill ingame start flaming you and says they gonna kill you IRL and bithc around with your mother and stuff?

    We ened mroe love and people that can get in contact with GM's more easy on camlann imo. :wub:
  2. Amildin

    Amildin Can't get enough of FH

    Imo its the new boys from Excal that flame, with the odd exception, Krystals for example, i've found that the longer you stay on camlann the less and less you flame
  3. JiggleWithMe

    JiggleWithMe Fledgling Freddie

    I agree, Share the lOve!!!! :wub:
  4. Bahumat

    Bahumat FH is my second home

    hehe people start to run out of insults

    plus some of the stuff you hear is so rude you kinda become immune to it.
  5. Imon

    Imon Fledgling Freddie

    so this is where you are hiding phobes:)
  6. [FC]Maramar

    [FC]Maramar Fledgling Freddie

    I am excal but never flamed
    i get zerged and i just /release i kill with fg and getting spammed and i just say:nice!so imo not all excal boys flame
  7. old.windforce

    old.windforce Part of the furniture

    yeh but you have a cute avatar
  8. Healer McHeal

    Healer McHeal Fledgling Freddie

    i agree tbh, im excal/cam my self though, been playing cam since beta of it, but, some of the insults are amusing some of the time, its more the people up on roofs with bows that piss me off, oh and some infil i cant remember name of, molako or some shit, told me to "fuck my mother" or something, thats the only insult that annoyed me slightly, all the rest i just usually say "yay" to :p
  9. Bellona

    Bellona Banned

    hehe its funnier to make it escalate, like really act like this wild couch giving a team some advices (yelling), and making him whine better etc, it always ends with me writing new lines ever 2-3 second and caps and they stop writing :D
  10. Keeg

    Keeg Fledgling Freddie

    I just tell the people that spam me with insults that, yeah im all of the stuff you mentioned, but, i wtfpwned your ass, so what does that make you?
  11. Riph

    Riph Fledgling Freddie

    There's no point in flaming on camlann, everyone is either german or semi-retarded. Think it's hard to stay sane(sp?) on camlann otherwise, such flames all day long :wub:
  12. Dorimor1

    Dorimor1 Banned

    Before I deleted my characters on Camlann I had about 100 people on my ignore list
  13. Commandment

    Commandment Fledgling Freddie

    the best ever is i kill a yellow con inf with my SB fair and square , then 2

    mins later i get a PM saying "fucking noob you were buffed" i write back "no i

    wasent" <which i wasent> then he writes "i hope you die and your mother

    gets cancer" then i kinda lost it and he was KoS and logged my mincer to kill

    him and look cool and stuff :p
  14. Natswoo

    Natswoo Banned

    It's just the longer you stay the longer your /ignore list is...
  15. Kicks

    Kicks Fledgling Freddie

    my Cleric only has 1 on /ignore :( I feel disapointed.

    SM has nice pile though :)
  16. Amildin

    Amildin Can't get enough of FH

    Never put anyone on ignore in my whole 2 years on Camlann :clap:

    Why do you want to miss the whine? Its the funniest bit of killing someone :m00:
  17. Bonelamencer

    Bonelamencer One of Freddy's beloved

    Some of em like to annoy by spamming something for a long time .Whine is nice but not spamm :p
  18. Lorfo

    Lorfo Loyal Freddie

    who cares? camlann sux these days.
    go solo , get zerged by duos/trios , make duos/trios, get zerged by fg:s , make fg , they all log.
  19. Yoshimo

    Yoshimo Fledgling Freddie

    imo if people start insulting/threatening you make print screens of the attacks and send them in to right now.
    I know most of you don't have alot of faith with them but the last 2 times that i have been seriously insulted/threathened i reported the people in question and they were rewarded for their insults/threats with a swift and lengthy ban to the extent that they were too timid to even pm me after.
    I didn't report them because I couldn't handle the abuse or whatever I did it because I don't have to put up with that sort of crap and I will do something about it if someone trys to make me put up with it /rant off

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