Where does this item drop?


Can't get enough of FH
Feb 26, 2005
I've seen some sleeves called "arcanite Lightning Etched Sleeves" in a few druid templates, and i need it my self for my druid.. There is no one for sale in housing so where does they drop?


Name: arcanite Lightning Etched Sleeves
Level: 51 Quality: 100
AF: Bonus:
Effect 1: 18 Acuity
Effect 2: 4 Power Percentage Bonus
Effect 3: 8 Dexterity Cap Increase
Effect 4: 8 Acuity Cap Increase
Effect 5: 4 Spell Duration Bonus
Effect 6: 2 Casting Speed Bonus
Effect 7: Empty
Effect 8: Empty
Effect 9: Empty
Effect 10: Empty
Utility: 12.00

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