What music do YOU listen to?

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Sigurd, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Sigurd

    Sigurd Banned

    Your favourite bands, etc.? Yes I know there's a music forum, but I'm asking what the DAoC/ex DAoC players listen to...
  2. Conchabar

    Conchabar Fledgling Freddie

    ALL music ACCEPT goth, pop, garrage and dance...
  3. Misleath

    Misleath Fledgling Freddie

    The Smiths, Joy Division, Interpol, Levellers, Placebo and Belle & Sebastian :>
  4. Aoami

    Aoami I am a FH squatter

    Bjork, Green Day, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, ABBA, Smiths, Blondie, Daft Punk, Radiohead, The Coral, Stranglers, The Libertines, Mars Volta, Kate Bush, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Adam & The Ants...

    ...lots of things :X
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  5. stubbyrulz

    stubbyrulz Fledgling Freddie

    metallica sepultura chimaira slayer etc
  6. Cyfr

    Cyfr Banned

    *waits for a townie to post*
  7. Chimaira

    Chimaira Can't get enough of FH


    Eilert Pilarm mostly. good music
  8. tRoG

    tRoG Fledgling Freddie

    I like most things to be honest, with the exceptions mainly being Nu-M3TaL and crappy pop.

    From Opeth, to Tool, to Rancid, to Kyuss, to the RHCP, to your classical shitnitz. *gasp*

    Me liketh ze musicein.
  9. Job

    Job The Carl Pilkington of Freddyshouse

    Everything except JAZZ, man thats as bad as 'modern dance', 'poems' and people describing their dreams.
  10. Rediknight

    Rediknight Part of the furniture

    Aye, play list at the mo:

    Oldskool (Photek, AndyC, Ratpack... i can feel another rush coming on ;) )
    Scratch Perverts
    Reel Big Fish
    King Prawn
    Sublime (RiP Brad dude - he STILL rules!!!)


    Rachmaninoff's 3rd

    hey, i've wide ranging tastes, what can i say?
  11. Litmus

    Litmus Resident Freddy

    Led zeppelin
    Radio Head

    into them atm
  12. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    Anything i like :p
  13. Eroa

    Eroa Banned

    ppl who say hes good are either joking or are insane.
  14. Leleith

    Leleith Fledgling Freddie

    /em looks at his collection of MP3s...

    Angel corpse, apocalyptica, arch enemy, at the gates, birdflesh, black sabbath, clawfinger, cradle of filth, dark funeral, loads of dark tranquility (but not sure if i like em) de lyckliga kompisarna :p, dimmu borgir, entombed, finntroll, loads of Hasse & Tage (lindeman fortehwin!), In flames, joddla med siv :p, metallica, misfits, morbid angel, nationalteatern (long live the proggis!), nile, opeth, otep, pantera, rammstein, satyricon, sepultura, slayer, sportlov (taking extreme actions against the fucking christian summer sports!), system of a down, the haunted, the kristet utseende, the project hate, tool.... yeah. and loads of other cool stuff.

    Can listen to just about anything... at least for 20 minutes. All but techno and rap really
  15. Leleith

    Leleith Fledgling Freddie

    Hahah! Eilert Pilarm PWNS! :D

    wan, tou, trii leeeeets rack!
  16. Marczje

    Marczje Fledgling Freddie

    Hmm I like quite alot, except the 'headbangin' music with black clothes boots etc. '
    And as mentioned, jazz must be the worst ever ;|

    In my playlist atm evanescense, enya, 2pac, outlandish, few trance hits etc..

    as I said, pretty much varied :p
  17. Shneddi

    Shneddi Fledgling Freddie

    anything with some heavy drum'in'bass beats..
    + anything else - pop, goth or NoFX <-- i really wanna kill this band :(
  18. Shneddi

    Shneddi Fledgling Freddie

    jazz... jazz is great not that i listen to much.. just its relaxin
    evanescense and 2pac :eek6: bit different ;)

    I_R_BIG_TROLL Fledgling Freddie

    trance trance trance!!

    For me its anything over 140bpm with more than 10 sounds.... yup you guessed it - TRANCE :D:D (of the Goan, psy-, or dark variety)

    Artists/labels/groups including:

    Skazi, Infected Mushroom, Quirk, XIS, Space Cat, Prana, Manmademan, Tripiatrik, Nucleus (not the hardhouse release), Acidophile (yeh its oldschool i know :p), asura, atomic, beast, bonky, bypass unit, anything off the demented label, etnica (ofc), parasense, shpongle, etc etc

    I can go on for hours..

    and ofc all on vinyl ;) CD just doesnt cut it imo

  20. Karam_Gruul

    Karam_Gruul Banned

    justin timberlake, black eyed peas, system of a down, kylie, usher (his new song are teh win 4)

    i aint as sad as the rest of you, so i dont have to pretend to like utter bollocks like metallica just to look 'cool'
  21. Misleath

    Misleath Fledgling Freddie

    You look cool when you listen to Metallica? Yeah right.
  22. Sigurd

    Sigurd Banned

    Substitute the word 'cool' with the word 'straight' and it all begins to fit together...
  23. Conchabar

    Conchabar Fledgling Freddie

    tsk tsk its not karams fault he hasnt lost his virginty yet :)
  24. Leleith

    Leleith Fledgling Freddie

    Hahahah! :D
  25. CstasY

    CstasY Fledgling Freddie

    DJ Casper, Cha Cha Slide.. Yeah, maybe not!

    Dance Music, Stuff like Ultrabeat, Lost Brothers. Chicane, ATB, Sureal.

    Rap, Like Tupac and DMX, none of this 50 cent G-unit crap tho. :eek:
  26. cHodAX

    cHodAX I am a FH squatter

    Population 1
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Steve Vai
    Public Enemy (any authentic rap but not verbal dioheria produced for the masses these days)
    The Beatles
    Stone Roses
    Anything involving Nuno Bettencourt
  27. Ethiraseth

    Ethiraseth Fledgling Freddie

    metal, darkwave, goth, rock

    will never listen to garbage like r&b, hiphop, rap, dance :puke:
  28. Shneddi

    Shneddi Fledgling Freddie

    rofl...kid....music is just ur personal taste and opinoin.. doesnt make u 'cool' or not. :p
  29. Dillinja

    Dillinja Can't get enough of FH

    Hip-hop (old school, not this townie crap that is all over the radio these days), drum n bass, 60's/70's rock and metal, and maybe 80's if I feel like killing myself.
  30. Conchabar

    Conchabar Fledgling Freddie

    nice nice nice didnt know u were a fellow hip hoper :)

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