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What did you have for Christmas dinner?

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Shovel, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    In a somewhat obscure twist, we did Peking duck this year. Was lovely, and good fun too. Cleared two ducks between us (family of six), but t'was done to perfection.


    For those having panics about traditionalism, we had a hulking great joint of beef for dinner tonight with my grandparents, so I'm ok... ;)
  2. Pancake gateux.

    Some multiple cheese start thingy.

    The rest had Goose with all the usuals.
  3. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    Oooh, I'm not sure I've ever eaten goose. Swanky :)
  4. I haven't and didn't.

    It was one big mofo though.
  5. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    Ahhh, you a veggie then DMW? (I have no idea what Pancake Gateux is...)
  6. I am indeed.

    Think lots of little pancakes.. and in betwen them, spinach, cheese thingy, lentils (yuck) and other stuff. And it's bloody big.
  7. Patriarch

    Patriarch Fledgling Freddie

    Pretty traditional: turkey, potatoes, onions, garlic, sprouts, cranberries, sweet potatoes, parsnips, mushroom bake, stuffing, sausages, bacon and gravy.
  8. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    mmmSpinach :D

    That sounds lovely, I must say. I could probably go veggie, if it wasn't for the extra preparation time, protein considerations, and my love of meat.

    I will take note to try that some time though, might try some kind of bean based conconction rather than the lentils though :)
  9. Embattle

    Embattle Resident Freddy

    Turkey, roast potatoes, string beans, carrots, cheese in bacon, pigs in blankets, yorkshire puds, stuffing...erm think that was the main meal.
  10. Extra Prep time?! Pfft

    Lack of protein!? I haven't been lacking any :twak:
  11. Clown

    Clown Part of the furniture

    I like vegetarian dishes. I don't think it's enough to turn me into a vegan tho.
  12. Embattle

    Embattle Resident Freddy

    Just a few little reasons then :p
  13. Heh, Vegans are so far removed from vegetarians it's untrue.
  14. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    Well, it's the last reason that's the biggie really :)
  15. Embattle

    Embattle Resident Freddy

    He speaks the thruth...all cow based products go out the window which doesn't only include the meat from a cow but the milk and any thing made from milk....eggs too and any thing made from eggs, etc, etc.

    I too could be a veggie if it wasn't for my love of certain meats, don't think I could give up my McDs :)
  16. Tsjiep

    Tsjiep Loyal Freddie

    Well i started with a small lobster, then a glass of vodka orange. After that just a pair of stuffed chickens and to finish Tiramisu.
  17. Clown

    Clown Part of the furniture

    I still wouldn't be a vegetarian either.
    Didn't any of you have turkey, veggies and all that pudding and brandy dip and shit? We haven't yet... we're opening presents and having the full grub works on Saturday. It's a family thing and my mum and dad have been working all week.
  18. Tom

    Tom FH is my second home

    A nice big Sirloin steak with roast potatoes and garden peas, followed by raspberries and cream :)
  19. Quige

    Quige Fledgling Freddie

    We are? how so, why so?

    We made mushroom and courgette nutroast, roast potatoes, sweet red pepper and butter bean tomato casserole, organic wild cranberry sauce (though if it's truely wild I don't see how you can know it's really absolutely organic).

    Very nice it was too ... :)

    We did have plum pudding and 'ice cream' lined up for pud, but were so bloated out after the first half, we didn't bother in the end.
  20. dysfunction

    dysfunction FH is my second home FH Subscriber

    -Arrived at friends house at around 11am
    - Given loads of egg nog
    - ate loads of crisps and other snacks
    - sat down for dinner around 12:30pm:

    Starter: Fish Turine(sp?) - Absolutely delcious!!
    Main: Turkey & Gammon* with vege's and potato bake
    Pudding: Chocolate mouse & Mince Pies
    After Pudding: Italian Nougat & biscuits & nuts

    -picked at the rest of the Turkey and Gammon and sweets & Chocolates till 12:30am...then went home

    *Gammon was cooked with 1 bottle of win and a few beers!
  21. Tom

    Tom FH is my second home

    Speaking as a raging bloodthirsty slayer of all 4-legged protein food stores, I couldn't imagine being a veggie, let alone a Vegan. How do you do it? I presume you used to eat meats.
  22. Wazzerphuk

    Wazzerphuk FH is my second home

    Must we teach another retard not to fuck with nature and balance? There are reasons we eat meat.

    PS veggies are scum - make things awkward for 98% of population.
  23. Hashmonster

    Hashmonster Fledgling Freddie

    no holding back there hey wazz :D

    Mine was the usuals but we forgot stuffing :( gits!

    i think i might do some for breakfast..
  24. Bym

    Bym One of Freddy's beloved

    The works really - turkey, stuffing, gravy, roast taties and parsnips, swede n carrot, various veggies (and smoked salmon salad starter). No sprouts or cabbage, yippee!

    First Xmas when I haven't visited my parents - hats off to my Dad who has cooked Xmas dinner for 20 years without moaning, cos it was bloody hard work!

    Delicious though, gimme more!
  25. Sar

    Sar Part of the furniture

    Chicken, Ham, Peas, Carrots, Spuds.

    The usual.

    Plenty left over for sandwiches too.

  26. And those reasons are what exactly?
  27. Quige

    Quige Fledgling Freddie

    Oh yes, used to eat flesh up until about 1986. Never was that keen on kidneys, liver, lites, brains, or lamb before then :) I remember a few incidents at school where I was forced to take my congealing plate of liver, or whatever, back to class and be made to stand in front of it until I ate it, or hometime came. I used to get stubbon and wait for hometime. Not a lot they could do.

    Last thing to give up was cheese, and I still occasionally miss Stilton and other blue cheeses. They still haven't managed to make a successful vegan fake blue cheese :(

    Oh, for a replicator!

    There are plenty of things to eat if you give up animal products, well at least when you go shopping in Brighton, or out for a meal. It does mean you have less options when it comes to 'quick' prepared meals, and end up cooking more of you own food from scratch.
  28. Quige

    Quige Fledgling Freddie

    I believe the last figures put the vegetarian/vegan segment of the population as reaching the 4% mark, so I guess we're 'making things awkward for 96% of the population.' - though like DMW, I'm not quite sure how my dietary folibles impact on you.

    A large part of the population of southern India are vegan.

    Throughout most of history people have been very lucky if they had meat of fish more than once a week.

    Actually, why am I bothering to reply to this ....
  29. Clown

    Clown Part of the furniture

    Most 'meat-eaters' aren't that keen all that shite either.

    And Swift, that was harsh. Actually, that was so harsh, I'm thinking you was joking about it all. Or what? Whatever ;)
  30. Scooba da Bass

    Scooba da Bass Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah man, fucking veggies, eating grass that we need to feed to small animals!

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