What about ml8 ??


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 14, 2004
It's great we got a ml7 raid on the 6th and a ml9 raid on the 13th of marts .. but if u allready done ml7 ...it doesn't help u much since u need the ml8 to get into the ml9 dungeon .. I hope I'm was right on that part he heh ...

Isn't there another kind soul out there who like to make a ml8 raid in between those 2 perhaps ?

I wish for world peace !!

As if ... to see midg rule once again in RvR .. so get out there .. and GRP for crying out loud .. ur only as strong as the weakest spot ... and that my frinds are a soloing non stealther middie ... (most of the time .. except me ofc.. but the rest od u .. are weak i tell ya ) .. :cheers:

Gulag Vilse

Fledgling Freddie
Jul 22, 2004
Ovron said:
People want ML8... People might get ML8. Will try to squize in a ML8 raid prior to ML9 then :). And yes Shallan, my ML7 raid will be after 6th of March.

All for Midgård! :cheers:

p.s. ML2 raid info has been posted, 4th of March.

Hope he still have the time :clap:

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