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Discussion in 'Techie Discussion' started by DaGaffer, Jan 21, 2004.

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    Anyone know if there are any VOIP handsets available for sale? My parents live abroad and are about to get broadband, so I'm going to set up VOIP for us (and my brother as well) to save on long distance charges (I'll probably use a free program like Skype initially). However, I'd prefer to give my folks a handset to use rather than headphones. Anyone know if there are any PC telephony handsets out there (USB or better yet bluetooth or Wi-Fi)? I've tried googling but the results weren't great.
  2. Insane

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    Skype themselves sell them on their website, however they only ship to the US, so you'd need a contact there to forward them to you.
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    I'v got a USB phone right here and the names written all over it are...


    Dunno if you want to google some of those.

    I'm running win2k and it plugs in and is recognised right away so it must be FAIRLY standard. I've got no software for it though so I've never used it.

    *EDIT* : This one... http://www.packetport.com/pdfs/vpPhone.pdf

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