usb hub and memory stick reader


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Dec 22, 2003
I need a usb hub with at least 2 ports, that can also read memory sticks. Anybody know of such a device?


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Jan 9, 2004
Not saying you should buy from here, or this particular device, but a quick search on google found this, so they do exist:



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Dec 22, 2003
I'm impressed that it exists at all to be honest!

If you can find reviews on the above (the sales pitch reads a bit iffy) on Google or wherever then it could be worth a look, though I can't see where the USB ports are on that photo...

If you want a rather larger product selection you'll be stuck with getting them separately I'm afraid. USB2 6way (even 9way, I think) card readers are everywhere. I got a cheap PNY "Dabs Value" one for £15 a while back, which is cheap, nasty but functional. Family got themselves a Lacie 6x reader, for which the build quality is much nicer.
USB hubs are similarly available. Is this related to your "20 meters of cable and put the computer in another room" project? If so (and even if not) I'd recomment you get a a powered USB hub, since the amount of power available to the devices is - I believe - reduced if you start passively splitting it up. Belkin will make very high quality stuff, but the general selection will be gigantic :)

-- Oh, and read your PMs Tom.

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