Unlikely but..any chance of being squeezed into season 3?

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by old.^X^orcist, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. Just discovered this league after going to clanbase and being taken aback at how huge and impersonal it is. ( 2000+ clans in the UK section )

    Any chance of being squeezed into season 3? Maybe if a clan dropped out? Otherwise how long do the seasons last?

    We're willing and able to do whatever it takes to "catch up". We have possibly the fastest CS Server in the UK so practice / match hosting is no prob :D

    Thanks in advance
  2. RogueOne

    RogueOne Guest

    Make sure your clan is signed up, via the link on the BWCSL website. I know what you mean about Clanbase... personally, I much prefer a proper league and division structure, like we have in BWCSL, where there's more room for rivalaries between individual clans and more of an incentive for competition.

    The waiting list for BWCSL is extremely large, but I do hope to expand the league slightly for the next season. Your best bet is to make sure you're on the waiting list (via the sign-up link) and then give as prompt a reply as possible when I mail the clans on it about next season.

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