Trading items in Alb Pryd for items in Exc Mid


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 30, 2004
I have several items in [Albion Prydwen] for trade/sale
- Mercenary Sidi Armour (Defiled Chain) Boots
- Mercenary Sidi Armour (Defiled Chain) Gaunts
- Mercenary Sidi Armour (Defiled Chain) Leggings
- Mercenary Sidi Armour (Defiled Chain) Warcrown (helmet)
All are unused in perfect condition. Coming patch will change boots, gaunts and warcrown stats to all melee bonuses and legs will get 150 point ablative armour! [2 plat/piece... prefer trade only]
- Full Scout epic armour, in good condition (94-100%)
- Full Cleric epic armour, in excellent cond (100%)
- Almost full Armsman epic plate armour (no helm), in excellent 100% cond
- Ebony Defiler (Sidi) Swords x2, lifedrain procs, left hand usable spd3.2, black scimitar looks [on offer... both together +10 plats, prefer trading]. Excellent for mercenary hands... with these swords you will be cooler than glazier and feared by all enemies! cond100%
- Mercenary 99% SCed chain armour set, goes well with Ebony Defilers, only few% resists missing from capped resists, all melee resists and stats and skills are capped with this one when using ED's.

... and other items like best resistance jewelry from 50th lvl quests etc.

What i seek in trades [only in Excalibur Midgard server]:
1. Warrior TG armour pieces
2. Warrior TG Hammers or Axes
3. Shaman Epic Armour

So contact me ingame Excalibur Midgard [Gromus] and offer trade on above items. I really prefer trade above platinum, but also considering decent offers in platinum. I need also trade platinum, so giving in albion prydwen and needing in excalibur midgard.

- Gromus -


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 30, 2004
Some already traded... hurry mate ;)

Traded cleric epic and merc Ebony Defilers and some plat already... but still nice items left. here are few examples of trades i could do...

Shaman epic <--> Armsman epic
Shaman epic <--> Scout epic
Shaman epic <--> Mercenary epic (totally brand new, newer used)


Mercenary Sidi Chain armour <--> Warrior TG armour
(gaunts, legs, helmet, boots)

my albion side items are in albion prydwen and need in excalibur midgard

-Gromus - contact me ingame please.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 21, 2004
In Midgard/Excal I have a full spellcrated set of armor, 2 x hand-to-hand weapons and jewellery that will cap a hand-to-hand specced savage. I am willing to trade with this for items/money here in Alb/Prydwen. PM me if you are interested. I am also looking to do a cash transfer from Mid/Excal --> Alb/Pryd.

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