TOA wizzys


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 21, 2004
Anyone done a Template for wiz in TOA yet if so i'd love to see it...
Also any views on items for casters in general/links etc would be greatly apreciated.Maybe youv'e seen a wiz rvr battle movie too? love to see that too although highly unlikly they even excists
I hasa lvl 50 firewizz,dont laugh please i stuck through thick and thin with him and have him to rr 4 lvl 8 and because of fotm maybe going ice:( i wana grp lol my template for him i ithink is well ubber as hell as it caps everythin on char except for charisma piety and empathy:D yes i know alot i caped doesnt need to be but what the hell i say:p toa makes me worried that it will make me stop playing him and already im playing my cleric more:( so mutch for main chars...luv to hear ya views on it thnx


Can't get enough of FH
Jan 21, 2004
GAH use space somewhere please

I dont think wizards are much more viable in TOA tbh

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