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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tilda, Jan 23, 2004.

ToA, will you buy it, will you quit?

  1. I plan on buying ToA.

    212 vote(s)
  2. I plan on quitting once ToA comes.

    75 vote(s)
  3. I'm going to stay, but not buy ToA.

    21 vote(s)
  4. I'm going to give it a go, the US people whine loads anyway.

    150 vote(s)
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  1. Tilda

    Tilda Moderator Moderator

    By popular demand:
  2. Aeis

    Aeis Loyal Freddie

    What about: I don't play and TOA keep me from coming back?
  3. Bellona

    Bellona Banned

    First thought: fuck it, and i quitted daoc for 3 months

    now im back,,, and i dont think it will be so bad as i first thought :D
  4. Exioce

    Exioce Part of the furniture FH Subscriber

    gonna try it out, would like to see all the new areas and mobs
  5. Aloca

    Aloca Fledgling Freddie

    I think Toa will be great, oki in the end it makes all chars overpowerd, BUT it will require a little more skill to use the 6-8 abilities you get on your artifacts, you can almost impossible cap all on your SC armor if you want some artifacts.

    now everyone will have 3-4 QBs they Need to use.
  6. [NO]Magmatic

    [NO]Magmatic Fledgling Freddie

    Toa is teh bomb! :)
  7. Alithiel

    Alithiel Fledgling Freddie

    ToA should be fun... It's been such a long time since I PvE'd with my Merc, as it's so much easier with my Paladin!
  8. Khalen

    Khalen Fledgling Freddie

    Big Zergy Raids gotta love em :)
  9. Archeon

    Archeon Fledgling Freddie

    I'm gonna give it a try, but i don't have my hopes up. The American's whine a load, but even by their standards ToA has generated a Huge! ammount.

    Still, no point in forming i bias opinion, with luck we'l get a version of ToA minus the majority of bugs they found when it first came out.
  10. Asty

    Asty Fledgling Freddie

    will probably get it and try out but i'd be a lot happier if they'd just release Frontiers instead of TOA.
  11. Loxleyhood

    Loxleyhood Fledgling Freddie

    Can you make the poll public? It's far more interesting.
  12. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

    Will play TOA till WoW.
  13. Naetha

    Naetha Fledgling Freddie

    I'm gonna buy toa, and I'm gonna love it. Sad though it is, I love exploring new zones, I love doing quests with friends, I love taking down epic mobs with guildies. I really can't wait :)
  14. Sycho

    Sycho Can't get enough of FH

    I will try ToA since daoc is my first mmorpg and last.
  15. Morchaoron

    Morchaoron Fledgling Freddie

    im gonna play wow then, so prolly wont buy toa...
  16. Mishy

    Mishy One of Freddy's beloved

    WoW is out in February is it?
  17. Ssera

    Ssera Fledgling Freddie

    I'm really looking forward to it. The new graphics are really nice and I love running around exploring :)
  18. Takhasis

    Takhasis Can't get enough of FH

    WoW Beta testing starts around then...
  19. xoboll

    xoboll Fledgling Freddie

    gotta try it.. just hope my lap top can cope :eek2:
  20. orbin

    orbin Fledgling Freddie

    Dont expect WOW until summer for us here in EU, the betatesting tend to take a along time when blizzard is involved :( .... so im gonna try TOA out. Not really longing for more PVE farming but i guess i have to do it cause everyone else will and i will prolly miss loads of Fluff.

    I saw that u have to be alot of persons to do those master hunts in TOA maybe that can bring back some of the old Daoc spirit when ppl actually where nice and stopped to chat for a while... oh i miss the old days. ;)
  21. M® Zîllâ

    M® Zîllâ Fledgling Freddie

    i am definatly gonna play toa probaly untill WoW comes out but u never know maybe mythic will suprise us all and produce something that keeps a lot of people playing daoc 4 a long while to come yet.
  22. Alak Abaeir

    Alak Abaeir Loyal Freddie

    I will try it but, not sure.
    Many new things i think... =)
  23. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    u serious??????

    and yes im gonna give it a go
  24. Teh FnoRd

    Teh FnoRd Fledgling Freddie

    Dunno if it's been posted, but:
    I dunno if I'll buy it. I haven't made up my mind yet.

    Not everything is black and white ya know! :eek:
  25. Goldragon

    Goldragon Fledgling Freddie

    Im buying it, Might even keep the worst zergs away since people are xping their artifacts ^^

    Besides, will prolly be lot of fun, i have hated the evolvement of this game all the time, im still angry they implented SC and Df armor :D Even RA's was rather anoying, but those did at least make people play more, so dont complain about that...

    The fact they now give potentional raised caps, makes the game totaly off-shore. I still remember alpha and the others good stealthers twisting everything on and off, changing armor and such to always have the best against excactly that opponement... Now with enough cash, time and will (and waaay to many have this) you can twist to have way over caps against a known enemies damage, think this will fuck up a bit..

    But! Sticking with daoc til the moralistic end :D Will never be worse then Anarchy online or savage eden is anyways ^^, but who knows, maby i stick with daoc.. Horizons was a horrible dissapointment, that was what i had planned to quit daoc for :/ (then again... blizzard dont fail! give wow :D)
  26. Bure

    Bure Fledgling Freddie

    Im going to buy it..... could not hold my hands away so i had to buy ToA to my old USA Acc just to check it out:) and i like it ..... and the things they say on VNboards about ToA have made ALOT of people quit i don't believe because on the server Merlin there i have my Char i have never seen so many people before ToA got there.
    Last night at EST primetime it was 797 people not anon on Midgard Merlin and Midgard is not the biggest realm there :)

    If you want you can finde some SShot in this link

    So i can't wait till it gets here :) for EU is my Homeservers USA is just for Beta test :D
  27. acei

    acei Fledgling Freddie

    can't believe 12 people are going to quit DAOC when they haven't even tried what they are quitting for lol.
  28. Korax

    Korax Fledgling Freddie

    Buy it or be the gimp of the centuary! :p
  29. Wiazabi

    Wiazabi Fledgling Freddie

    Wanna xplore new itams, areas, mobs, and ofc charm everything :) will be nice to have a break from rvr aswell
  30. Mr Kitty

    Mr Kitty Fledgling Freddie


    Well, i'm certain it will have huge class/ability balancing issues, I'm sure people will whine when someone else uses an ability upon them that they dont themselves have... and i'm sure people will moan (a lot) and threaten to quit etc...

    Personally, i'm gonna buy it because I dont want to play they same game, without changes for the rest of eternity.. and for once I really want to explore a few dungeons/zones that dont have a mind numbing similarity to many of the other dungeons/zones.

    Roll on TOA :cheers:

    ps. does my bum look big in this?
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