To the 2fg hibs inside dc earlier tonight...

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Heartless, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. Heartless

    Heartless Fledgling Freddie

    Bet you had a little suprise defending DC against 1-2fg albs outside bashing door only to lose the keep b4 the first door had even fallen :)
  2. Filenotfound

    Filenotfound Fledgling Freddie

    lool stlong stealth team

    nice work guys ! :)
  3. Cyradix

    Cyradix FH is my second home

    Can't you guys put "Deadly Shadows" in your sigs? Makes it easier to see who we should flame. ;)
  4. Filenotfound

    Filenotfound Fledgling Freddie

    he has put " infiltrator " in his sig aint that enough ? :cheers:
  5. Kami

    Kami Part of the furniture

    Since I play Mid/excal I'm amazed that we Albs on prydwen don't use our stealthers more often, 1FG can destroy defenders in keeps since they're always so busy looking out the front to notice thier buffbots dying behind them :p

    good work :)
  6. Loch

    Loch Fledgling Freddie

    Thats gotta be irony tbh :l
  7. Heartless

    Heartless Fledgling Freddie

    i would put deadly shadows in my sig but then i'd be 110% flame target... atm i'm only 100% cos of my class and i'm fine with that ;)

    (but if u insist i don't mind making myself one of the no.1 targets for flame :()

    and aye 1fg stealthers taking keeps is deadly, tbh can't see y ppl don't use it more often. last night within 1 hour 1fg of us took 2 keeps without ever having to kill a guard until we reached the lord or smack a door for 30 mins+

    merry xmas btw ;)
  8. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

    Was it the usual noob hibs? :eek:
  9. Tareregion

    Tareregion Fledgling Freddie

    that got beaten by the usual noob albs? :eek:
  10. Moriath

    Moriath I am a FH squatter

    bring on 1.65 and doors on the keep towers \o/
  11. Loch

    Loch Fledgling Freddie

    Which won't apply to merchant keeps such as DC \o/
  12. gohan

    gohan FH is my second home

    merry christmas all \0/
  13. Fenderon

    Fenderon Can't get enough of FH


    (Ok so I've been watching Oz..)..

    but still.. what the hell kind of bump is this :eek7:
  14. gohan

    gohan FH is my second home

    seemed the in thing to do
  15. Corran

    Corran Part of the furniture

    Today is thread bumping day?
  16. gohan

    gohan FH is my second home

    its the unoffical daoc religion holiday

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