To dust or not to dust

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by RogueOne, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. RogueOne

    RogueOne Guest

    Over on "the inevitable season 5 thread", the biggest source of dispute seems to be de_dust. The inclusion or otherwise of this map next season is likely to be a big issue. Since I'm unlikely to be able to get out of hot water by making a decision either way myself, I thought I'd get some more precise feedback on this with a poll.

    Please note that anybody caught trying to rig the poll will be handed over to G-shock for use in "frozen rodent experiments".
  2. g-shock

    g-shock Guest

    does being the execusioner of rule breakers take away my right 2 vote?
    if not...
    i vote get dust 2 fuck :p:m00:
  3. old.drc_lock

    old.drc_lock Guest

    gwaan. die dust die \o/
  4. [pp]Ripper

    [pp]Ripper Guest

    bring dust back, better than chateau....
  5. old.Lemming

    old.Lemming Guest

    Quite frankly with the inclusion of more and more maps which are tbh utter shite (read torn and chateau, Havana aint too bad), I can't see how to avoid it, although I haven't played the new one for 1.5 yet (I'm not even going to try and spell it)
  6. RogueOne

    RogueOne Guest

    It's 15/7 against dust as I type this and things are looking bad for the brown monster. de_piranesi looks like a good map. I played around on it for a while last night and it looks as though it's going to be one of the slower, more complex and more tactical maps. Basically a polar opposite of dust.
  7. old.drc_lock

    old.drc_lock Guest

    piranesi = win
    dust = lose
    the end :D
  8. Of course, you could change the vote to dust against piranesi to see what ppl really want :)
  9. RogueOne

    RogueOne Guest

    I could, but this isn't necessarily dust vs piranesi anyway, so I won't. I think that throwing a new map per season in, where CS releases allow, is a good thing in general. If you look at my proposed map list on "the inevitable season 5 thread", you'll see that dust was originally on there. If it proves too unpopular, which is how it's currently looking, then its replacement will be open to debate. I'd say that chateau, vegas, office and italy would be possibilities, based on the feedback so far.
  10. old.Lemming

    old.Lemming Guest

    ok, I take it back, I just played Piranesi last night for the first time, what an incredibly good map, even when I don't know it properly!
  11. If you dare put in a cs_ map after all my moaning, I'll release a horde of ravenous hamsters down your trousers :)
  12. g-shock

    g-shock Guest

    frozen hamsters?

  13. ferrers

    ferrers Guest

    Id like to see dust in again.

    Its a classic that allows new clans and established ones to at least play to an even level as its always the first map you learn when you play clan type play.

    Can I also say pls pls dont have vegas again id forgotten how much I hated those damm singing elvis.

    Pirannsi could be interesting not really played it very much but Ill assume this gets in as the "New Map" instead of chatuau.

    Oh well keep up the good work guys its been a real fun season, Big thanks to rogue and to all the admins putting in there own personal time.


  14. g-shock

    g-shock Guest

    Maybe its just coz we won but i didnt think vegas was that bad at all, personally i wouldnt mind seeing it again next season.
  15. Grom

    Grom Guest

    Gah please get rid of chateau. It's awful, I really hate it :(

    I prefer dust to dust2...

    Piranesi is great and should be included, but Chateau needs to be shat back into the rejected maps pile.

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