This might be imposible but i want to try


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 19, 2005
I am looking 4 help with a druid temp i am making a full regrowth druid rest will be nature.. Now wat i would like is a temp that has caped power and power pool with good dex and ofcorse good resists plz could someone help as i am not the best temp maker and need help with this..
This temp must have egg of youth in it ofcorse and +25% to healing not bothered on buff bonuse as i have a full buffbot on other acc with 25 buff bonuse.

thanks for any help in advance.
I hope there is a temp out there for me somewhere :clap:


Fledgling Freddie
Oct 6, 2004
You mean you want +75% power pool in a druid rvr template? Good luck.

If you want ones with good power pool (35-50%) just do a search of this forum, there are many good power/dex/resists templates. Ardd has posted at least 3 in the last few months :)

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