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Apr 18, 2004


We polled our customers, talked to our team leads, and read over tons of player feedback. We're very proud to present the results of this research and design to you here in version 1.75. Thanks in no small part to our players, we hereby introduce a brand new RvR adventuring system called RvR Missions. We thank the Dark Age of Camelot community for their help in providing the vital feedback that led to the development of this new feature.

"RvR Missions" is our name for a unique system allowing players to accept Personal, Group or Realm Missions that can ultimately play a pivotal role in the war raging in New Frontiers. There are many exciting possible missions within the system, suitable for forces of all sizes. One person can make a difference by uncovering a single enemy or scouting out an area. A noble band of brothers can play their part by patrolling their border or protecting a supply caravan from attack. The mission system even includes the full scale defense of the realm in the form of daily goals suggested to all players in the Frontiers.

Come join the battle!

RvR Mission NPCs:

Each realm has its own RvR Mission Generals, as well as numerous RvR Mission Commanders. RvR Mission Generals are located in all six portal keeps in New Frontiers, while Commanders are located at all of a particular realm's friendly keeps and upgraded (level 3 or higher) towers.

Hibernia’s Realm Generals:
Vegda: Crauchon Gorge - Druim Ligen
Sonvan: Mount Collory - Druim Cain

Midgard's Realm Generals:
Hagir: Yggdra Forest - Vindsaul Faste
Bruki: Uppland - Svasud Faste

Albion's Realm Generals:
Kogis: Forest Sauvage - Castle Sauvage
Muris: Snowdonia - Snowdonia Fortress

Note: While Realm Generals will give you a choice of many different types of missions, be aware that Realm Commanders will only assign specific missions and will not give you a choice to change them.

Mission Types:

- Personal Missions - These missions are intended for those players who choose to go it solo in the Frontiers. Personal missions primarily lead players to areas of New Frontiers where they can find challenging encounters with enemy NPCs and even other players. Missions of this type are specifically designed to allow a single player a high chance of achievement and a reward. Personal mission types are: scout an area in the enemy lands, find an enemy assassin and slay him, kill a certain number of enemy guards, and kill a certain number of enemy players.

- Group Missions - Designed specifically for groups, these missions concentrate on specific siege targets in the Frontiers - primarily single towers, low level keeps and the newly implemented caravans (more information below on caravans). Group Mission types are: capture an enemy tower, capture an enemy keep, kill a certain number of enemy guards, destroy an enemy caravan, raze an enemy tower and kill a certain number of enemy players.

- Realm Missions - These missions are generated to everyone in a given realm. No action on the part of the player is required in order to receive this type of mission, as this mission type's goal is to encourage all members of a realm to work together for a common cause. Realm Mission types are: capture an enemy keep and all of that keep's towers, open Darkness Falls for your realm, and open an enemy's relic gates.

-There are more than 1750 RvR missions being offered at this time, with more unique missions planned for the near future!

When RvR Missions Can Be Obtained:

- Personal Missions - These may be granted by a General or by a Commander. Once a player has a personal mission, a new Personal mission cannot be obtained for 30 minutes, or until the current Personal mission is complete - whichever occurs first.

- Group Missions - These may be granted by a General or by a Commander. There are no timer restrictions on Group Missions. However, only the group leader can accept or cancel a Group Mission.

- Special note: Group and Personal missions can and will often be available to players at the same time. Because of this, when a player has a Personal Mission calling for the same action as a Group Mission, the Group Mission will take priority and must be completed before the Personal Mission. For example, if the Group Mission calls for the group to kill 25 enemy guards in Albion, and the Personal Mission calls for the player to kill 15 enemy guards in Albion, the credit for the first 25 guards killed will go to the group and the 15 after that will go to the player (or players if more than one group member has the same Personal Mission). This rule only applies when the mission is the same. For example, if the group’s mission calls for 25 Albion guards to be killed, while the player’s Personal Mission calls for 15 guards from Midgard to be killed, they can both be achieved simultaneously.

- Realm Missions - These are granted to all players in each realm at 7 a.m. EST each day. Once a Realm Mission is complete, a new one will not be granted to the realm for 60 minutes.

How To View Your Missions:

- Each RvR Mission type that a player has will be displayed in it's own area in their quest journal. Players will be able to view all of their missions there.

Rewards And Credit:

- All three mission types award experience, gold and realm points. Rewards are granted at the time the mission is completed.

- In order to receive credit for Realm and Group Missions, players must be within 8000 units of the objective when it is completed.


- Assassins - NPC assassins will be dispatched to patrol enemy towers. Players on Personal missions are encouraged to go and find these assassins and kill them.

- Caravans - NPC caravans will roam between friendly beachhead keeps. Enemy groups are encouraged to find and disable these caravans. (Please note that a caravan currently consists of a horse and some guards. We will be integrating more appropriate art for caravans before 1.75 goes live.)

Tower Razing

We are also very excited to introduce Tower Razing into this version as part of the RvR Missions system. Tower Razing is the ability to completely destroy a tower until it is literally a pile of rubble on the ground. This allows for enhanced open field combat opportunities as well as a definitive end to a tower standoff.

An attacker may now raze an enemy tower to the ground. At 25% health a tower will reach it's old "broken" state, in which hookpoints no longer function, and line of sight does. With Tower Razing an enemy can continue to attack this tower, and when it reaches zero health, the tower will crumble to the ground, leaving only it's foundation intact.

- Repairing the tower from it's razed state to a broken state, simply requires repairing the tower to 25% health.

- All standard repair functions (including autorepair) work on the razed tower.

- When a tower gets razed, its level is automatically set to 1. (i.e. it downgrades from whatever higher level it was at).

- A realm can claim a razed tower, and may even set it to raise to level 10, but will have to wait until the tower is repaired to 25% before it will become level 1 and start upgrading normally.

- A razed tower area looks like the ruins of a destroyed tower (basically the foundation) . But has no LoS restrictions at all, and no movement restrictions. Functionally, it’s an open field with a Tower lord and 3-4 lesser guards.

- The razed tower functions as a normal tower in all other ways (generates guard alerts, etc)


- We will be expanding on the existing titles players now receive for realm ranks by incorporating more choices available to players based upon their achievements both in our new RvR Mission system and in normal RvR activities. Players will be able to pick from a selection of earned titles and choose which they would like to display for others to see.


- We are continuing our efforts to provide players with more achievement tracking capabilities. This version will see the largest achievement tracking upgrade to date. These statistics will be used to show a players achievements both on the Herald and in the game, and will also tie directly into our expanded Title system.

And now you can discuss it :)

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