The Ultimate Fighter


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Dec 26, 2003
Did anyone else watch this?
It wasn't a bad series. Like Big Brother, but at the end of the week two of the housemates fight to decide who gets knocked out, literally oO

Out of the 16 who start out, the last two winners(middle and light-heavyweight) get a contract for the UFC.
The show itself started out pretty well, revolving around the friction in the house. Though the last few episodes were filled with trash talking, which was a down turn for the series. The final Episode(#13) is worth watching for the light-heavyweight fight!

Would've been better if Chris fought Deigo in the final, Kenny was never going to win that. Josh could've won the middleweight, if he knew what to do after a takedown!

Forrest Vs Stephane was the best fight of the series! Kinda surprised at Stephane staying up longer than Forrest! He would've won by KO if it went to a fourth round imo

In the second series, I hope they pick some better 'fighters'. Some of the guys in this were a joke, they were in worse shape than me! :p


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Dec 22, 2003
I've been watching The Contender. It's good.

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