The Thing they call DF!!!!

Discussion in 'Albion' started by leviathane, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. leviathane

    leviathane Guest

    this maybe a shadow post to the "Albion's Shame" post but i dont care....i have seen changes in ppl behaviours, there were a few ppl i considered my friends til they decided to steal some1's kill just to get some misly seals....i mean c'mon its not like a race here df will always be here and looks like its here to stay so cant ppl just calm down a bit with the df sh#t and lvl?? i feel its changed the majoriy of ppl in albion (excluding a select few ppl) as evry1 is in desperate rush to get seals...this has ment tht the middies/hibbies can take advantage of our seal obsession and over power us as the midds have shown several time alrdy..

  2. old.Isos

    old.Isos Guest


    but I havent seen much of that killstealing

    but I do know that will not be tolerated outside DF, so if it happens, talk the his GM or something.
  3. old.neenee

    old.neenee Guest

    ive noticed that too, some ppl i thought wer pretty cool are infact, well, twats.

    you msg them with hih hello and all that bollocks and they dont even reply /bow /wave etc etc..

    itam hungry wankers ^^ SHAME ON YOOO

    i hope they get hit by a bus and die :clap:
  4. ignore

    ignore Guest

    Df is and never will be (to me) anything more than a very fine place to catch a high lvl middie xping :cool:
    Its just the chances of finding a caster sitting down in rvr are very slim, only time that ever happens is when they just pomped a gazillion of those wicked blue balls into my fragile briton body...

  5. milithiel

    milithiel Guest

    yep, people stealing all my pulls last night. they could see i had damaged the mob but just kept shooting arrows till it went to them. then someone from knights templar started mouthing off saying that doesnt matter we ligned up a shot and loads of other bollox then called me a moron cos i didnt pull on the very second the mobs popped.
  6. old.Nim

    old.Nim Guest

    I suggest you speak to one of the officers of the Knights Templar about this incident, as I'm sure it's not the norm for members of the guild.

    If you need to contact an officer and don't know them by name you can always contact me in-game and I'll let you know who to speak to.
  7. Garris-

    Garris- Guest

    Funny, I've found people to be friendly and cooperative.. if I'm stealthing and people dont see me go for a mob, and they pull it after I PA, or vice versa, theres always apologies. When a guy isnt getting any seals, people let him pull the monsters that drop them most, etc.. guess I'm lucky.
  8. corranhorn1

    corranhorn1 Guest

    I put my hand up now

    Aye militilh or whatever your name of it was i that spoke to you.

    now lets get fact straights and DONT blame this on guild, hell i already getting demoted to page anyway for my disobiedance towards aethelstan.

    it was not a templar group thou it contained a few templars i admit

    we selected a mob the moment they poped and the scout kept hitting it till it arrived as is stand action, damage as much before it can hurt you right.

    when you stand in close proximity you cant tell which of groups it is heading for

    and what the hell is it with you shout at delket for using AOE in his fights? he was there long before you so if you take on a mob close to him he shant change way he fights on demand

    I am a resonable guy. if we know it is pulled we dont attack, if we dont we will attack. things dont always go ones way. you got a problem get in touch with an officer but you have got a problem that will keep happening if you hunt in places that badly camped.

    i shall not change ways. i am the merc i always will be. i fight with honour, i fight for the realm and i train hard, if you dont like me dont come near me. simple.

    now militith you got to see what you want and not moan when it not go your way.
  9. corranhorn1

    corranhorn1 Guest

    oh i forgot

    and at no point were you called a moron that i remember thou acting like a kid you were accused of
  10. leviathane

    leviathane Guest

    ya see this is what's become of albion...evry1 is against each of...sad very sad :(

  11. Validus

    Validus Guest


    You dont seriously think this only happens at albion right? it is quite obvious that the other two realms should have the exact same problems.

    Greed is the main cause of course, And greed is the most common sin in my opinion. If you have never sinned, what kind of a human are you? the people never caught being greedy are obviously hiding it. when you see those cute little imps offering you all those shiny things you have to think "oh wow thats so pretty, i want it!". its just some people have no patience and/or are just a bit of an open person, aggressive too in some cases ("screw you i was here first, so i deserve all the seals").
    What i am asking from those people is- Please be patient, polite, and most imporantly empathyse.
  12. milithiel

    milithiel Guest

    Re: I put my hand up now

  13. milithiel

    milithiel Guest

    Re: oh i forgot

    as soon as the mobs popped you said "pull then moron". no actually you never said it, you yelled it even though i was sat in speaking range.
  14. foxanglais

    foxanglais Guest


    just my two pennith,
    last night was pulling soultorn somethings when a sorc next to me
    also pulled i finished my enemy and started to rest next thing i know im in trouble his enemy has attacked me after killing him
    next thing im dead.
    now im not complianing as this happens but he was then rezzed by a [friend] and left me.
    this isnt too much of a problem as i just release came back and started again but then the same thing happened only this time
    a paladin came to help me too late im dead again.
    but getting to the point one of sotl members rezzed me
    now the 1st cleric was from a guild i know well he ignored me then im rezzed by a guild i have had hardly any dealings with but
    i would like to now put on record that anytime sotl need a hand
    [hardly likely i know] they have a 37 armsman at there disposal
    i now look forward to a little bit of etiquette in the dungeons
    see you all very soon

    member of the rigante and for all of albion
  15. Roalith

    Roalith Guest

    Personally, I think everyone is taking it farrrr too seriously. I've had a lot of fun in DF so far, whether it be soloing greens for emerald seals (with a couple of groups of late 20s/early 30s nearby watching me and pulling the same mobs).

    Yes, I've had those same greens stolen repeatedly, although it really doesn't bother me; they're worth jack exp wise, and about 10 seconds of rest endurance wise for combat styles. I really don't see what all the fuss is about.

    I've been killed repeatedly by people getting in to trouble and pulling their mobs onto me/my group shouting for help, but do I complain? No, because there's no point.
  16. Garris-

    Garris- Guest

    Thats one thing that DOES get on my nerves, when you are getting stomped, yell for help, and people just stand there staring at you. Or even worse, say "do you need help?" I mean.. thats why I yelled in the first place, genius.. worse is when a load of level 40+s are walking past, and just walk past your body without thought for a rez. That is what annoys me.
  17. milithiel

    milithiel Guest

    that happend to me about 20 minutes ago, and one where people staring happens every time im there, although some people arnt nobs and help you even if they might die from adds etc.
  18. SFXman

    SFXman Guest

    I usually don't care being a scout because it is not always easy to notice that I am taking aim at some mob... my range can be quite long when I am at the top of a hill and the mob is somewhere way below etc.
    But these have always been accidents and usually the mob comes to me anyway due to the fact that I outdamage the other person by far... DF so far has been a very nice place to be and I have not had a single mob KS'd intentionally... people help, rez and buff all the time.
    It is so fun to save greys from mobs as they run past with a nice crit :D
  19. Shike

    Shike Guest

    hmm, tbh, it is not always one see yells, i have missed it several times, that I know for sure, its not as if I constantly sit and focus on the messages in a lowerlvl area when i pass it on the way to the place I am headed. Usually I am on stick on some1 and not even watching the screen... If i dont see a yell, then I ask, how can I know that u dont have a clik in the back somewhere that will heal you? and If you are grey, and the mobs are grey, how shall I know that you need help? and so on... (i dont know if you are grey or not, i just give a reason here why some ppl dont help others at once)

    If i am in trouble i do 2-3 /y then /s can I get some help please? and if it doesn't help, I assume either that the mobs I have on me are too high for the guys i had hoped would help, or that they are afk or typing in CG's or something similar. simple as that, if someone ask if i need help, i dont judge them as a moron for that. Thats not fair at all imo, if I die because of that they spent time on asking, so be it, the _only_ I can blame in the end is myself, for not beeing enough careful when pulling and fighting. To pull and fight in an area and die and get pissed due to others lack of help.. well suit yourself is all I can say. If you cant xp without relying on help from others, change area. You have nothing to do there in the first place. But do not get pissed at your realm-mates for dying.
    Now I dont say that I never help people, on the contrary, I try to help where I can, if I _know_ help is needed. And thats the important, to be willing to help. And I know most albs are ready to do that at any time, _if_ they can.

    just my 2 cents.
  20. It doesn't appear to be too bad in there; then again I'm mostly down in the prince area, or in the Mid/Hib section. Only annoyed some people when me and an armsman were clearing the Kitchen looking for saphire seals, I imagine :)
  21. Dsjoords

    Dsjoords Guest

    Re: Greed

    Actually I haven't seen something like this happening in Midgard area that much. As much as I've read from the Albion forum,then the situation seems quite grim on your side. On our side, usually if one place is camped by 2 groups already, then 3rd group just goes to some other place, also so far haven't seen many problems with helping others either, heck I think I've died myself too at least twice because of helping some1 else. Only arguements about loot that I've seen was when there was 2 groups killing lots of strong mobs and the secondary group wasn't getting many diamonds, but that's pretty much it.
  22. cabbage_

    cabbage_ Guest

    Re: I put my hand up now

    Corran try using target smite instead of AOE smite. Youve stole 7 of my kills to date too! And yes I was there when you stole Millithiels kills aswell - infact i remeber you smiting everything infront of you once, even mobs people had already half killed. Get your facts straight and wise up.
  23. Danya

    Danya Guest

    Re: Re: I put my hand up now

    Given Corran is a mercenary and therefore can't smite, maybe you should get your facts straight and wise up, hmm?
  24. Re: Re: Re: I put my hand up now

    No? Guess my merc got cheated :(
  25. Troryn

    Troryn Guest

    Re: Re: I put my hand up now


    Rolling On Floor Laughing My Arse Off Spilling Coke In The Keyboard And Getting Pissed At Cabbage For making Her Laugh.


    Corranhorn my dear, can you teach me to smite to? please....
  26. Re: Re: Re: I put my hand up now

    Not a very RPy response, is it? :)
  27. Shike

    Shike Guest

    w00t, i wanna cast a magic missile! :D
  28. Roalith

    Roalith Guest

    Re: Re: Re: Re: I put my hand up now

    Mebbe not, but sums my response up nicely too :D
  29. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I put my hand up now

    Quite eloquent :m00:
  30. Wibbler2

    Wibbler2 Guest

    I will generally dive right in when someone screams for help, UNLESS, it's a small group beset with Purple mobs and they stand no chance of winning with, or without my help.

    This has happened to me on a couple of occasions, I have seen a group get in real trouble with Shredders and have had to stand and watch them die, wait for the mob(s) to go away and then res the whole group.
    Saying that, when I explain myself to them afterwards, they totally agree that it isn't worth wading in, just to die.

    So, it's not always as clear cut as it looks.

    Of course, saying that, I NEVER walk past a person who needs a res, it only takes 10 seconds of my time and it's not like I have any other use for Power ;)

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