The Rio Ferdinand affair

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Jonaldo, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Jonaldo

    Jonaldo Can't get enough of FH

    8 months.. £50,000..

    After all the discussions previously, we now know the outcome of it. What does everyone think about it?

    Too long? Not long enough?
    Was it worth fining him?
    Is he vital for England in Euro 2004 or won't be noticed?
    Is he vital for Manchester Uniteds title aspirations?

    Let's argue :)
  2. xane

    xane Fledgling Freddie

    My personal view is that it was harsh but deserved. Being a West Ham fan I know of Mr Ferdinands past misdemeanours which are quickly forgotten by many, in my mind he is a top profile footballer now and should start acting like one.
  3. Tom

    Tom FH is my second home

    Its a load of bollocks really, the FA are running around like headless chickens. They just make things up as they go along. Didn't a Man City player get fined earlier this year for the same offence? Wasn't that fine about £2 000, and no ban?

    Personally I hope it drags on and on, mud sticks, and the FA won't like that.
  4. Embattle

    Embattle FH is my second home

    This does seem harsh considering previous fines etc but I think you'll find that the FA have had enough of handing out pathetic bans and imo this is how it always should of been.
  5. Hot Soup

    Hot Soup Fledgling Freddie

    He's lucky the FA doesnt ascribe to the same strictures as athletes or he wouldn't be playing again for quite some time.
  6. Doh_boy

    Doh_boy Resident Freddy

    He should go and play in Italy

    Here's the story


    Same sorta thing
  7. Conchabar

    Conchabar Fledgling Freddie

    he obviously skipped it cause he knew hed get caught tbh
  8. gmloki

    gmloki Part of the furniture

    Too long given that players have tested positive before and had less of a punishment. A fact continuously overlooked by Sepp Blatter when he is on his soap box. Funny he never had that soap box going in Italy

    Fine is punitive

    Wont be noticed for Ingerlund. England will not reach the final

    As a UTD fan I think he will be missed as. The ideal replacement is Wes Brown who has a tendency to lose concentration more than Rio. That in itslef is bad news
  9. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    the fact of the matter is if it'd have been almost any other sport it would have been treated as a failure of the test, rather than just a fail to attend.

    That's 2 year mandatory ban tbh.

    I think 8 months is harsh on Rio as it's the first of it's kind - but if the FA is going to have a sensible anti-drugs policy the first case of it's kind is going to seem harsh.

    After that people will realise that there's no excuse for not turning up to a drugs test.

    Simple eh?
  10. Scooba da Bass

    Scooba da Bass Fledgling Freddie

    It doesn't matter what would happen in other sports, the important factor is precedent. Negouai got a £20,000 fine for exactly the same offence yet Ferdinand has been given £50,000 and 8 months, this will be appealed and it won't surprise me if it's at the very least reduced.
  11. Embattle

    Embattle FH is my second home

    I would find it funny if they end up increasing it :)
  12. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    I think, that overlooking the past unenforcement, and the decidedly lax European punishments for the offense, that this sounds about right. It's a professional sport, you bloody well act like a professional. Footballers tart around, and "ooh, sorry I forgot that I was moving house that day" really wont - and shouldn't - stick it. Yes, there has been lax enforcement in the past, but so long as it's consistant from this point on, it should be a step toward making the sport of Football, and it's participants, a better game.
    I mean, you wouldn't catch Jonny Wilkinson missing a drugs test... ;)

    -- And yes, I too would piss myself laughing if it gets increased on appeal. I'd love to see the look on Fergie's face. And watching the Red Tops screaming like spoilt children is always good for a cheap laugh.
  13. Dev

    Dev Guest

    As I am another hammer I am glad he helped rebuild another stand...but that is where it ends for me.

    Xane I hope you visit here
  14. Nott

    Nott Fledgling Freddie

    They have to start somewhere, and its about time if you ask me. 8 months is to little for this, but seeing that other offenders before have gotten ridiculously low penalties it sounds about right to make first example at 8 months.

    Next one should be 2 years or so.
  15. Gurnox

    Gurnox One of Freddy's beloved

    Depends on Terry and Campbell keeping fit and on Woodgate getting back to form. Think Terry has been very accomplished the last few times he's been played in the England team.

    As for the ban - Totally deserved what he got. Any other sport e.t.c....

    Having said that, I think the FA should now go public and say that any player missing or failing a test will get a ban of x months and a fine of £x. There have to be un-ambiguous and clearly defined laws on this sort of thing.
  16. Miles_Binck

    Miles_Binck Fledgling Freddie

    tbh this makes the whole Ferdinand affair look pathetic

    £4,420 fine + 1 year ban for failing drugs test


    £50,000 + 8 month ban for missing drugs test
  17. Nott

    Nott Fledgling Freddie

    Missing = Failing.
    So what you tell us is that Ferdinand got 4 months off for £45,580 which btw is pocketchange for him anyway. :)

    Excactly imo. Just extend it to Fifa so it will be equal in other contries to. The fine might have to differ abit though.

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