The Patch after installing TOA


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
TOA came today, installed it, 14 meg odd patch starts to download, gets to sits there and freezes, try again, same thing, and again, so find the file, manually delete it, try again, same problem, it dont even seem to be checking the files not there. Goto irc get said file off someone, stick it in hoping updater would now skip it, but nope still sits there. Reinstalled, same thing but with different file now, reinstall again, same thing and again and again. Any ideas plz?

Tried deleting languages folder to make it reget the update client but nothing i do seems to reset the patcher client, once it fucks up first time it seems to remember where it fucked and try from there no matter whats happend to it in previous attempts. Tried skipping update by going str8 to login.dll but it wont connect to login server then.

Tried different directories and HDs evne disabled norton. Having to reinstall just to get another clean shot at the updater going past first time is pissing me off. Any1 any ideas plz?
Feb 29, 2004
Wmv said:
cry us a river
please take your post farming antics elsewhere idiot, this is a genuine help thread not some post for you to hijack, youve been reported for excessive unecessary post farming tonight, i suggest you go to bed like a good little boy before your mum finds you up this late.

As for your installation probs m8, heh if your connection is up to it, do what i did, just install part of the files and then download the 720mb updates!! lol ive got sbout 40mb left then im zipping the bastard...i aint D/L that again!


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
yeah, right wmv - he should have done it but i guess he really wants an answer to his problem and noone ever reads that forum.

Anyways Herc....maybe the prob lies elsewhere. I had almost the same problem when SI was released - tried it on 2 PCs and i just couldnt get all the needed updates. I tried it again a couple of hours later and it finally worked.

Just saying that maybe the patchservers at GOA are fucked up, aint working at all or doing something else nasty they shouldnt do. It may sound hard but best wait a few hours and try again.

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