The Grey Album


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 22, 2003
Anyone heard this? A combination of The Beatles White album and Jay Zs Black album, combined together to form the Grey album by DJ Danger Mouse. Only a few thousand copies in circulation before EMI told him to cease and decist whilst ordering shops to stop stocking it.

More info:

Anyway, after hearing about it i downloaded it. Its really good, one of the few rap albums I've liked...and I like every single song on it, rather than just the occasional one or two. Such a shame this album cant be brought out to its full potential to the public.

Thoroughly reccomend you get it.

Scooba da Bass

Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
I got sent a CDR of it by a friend in the States, it's currently being distributed on a burn and pass it on push. It's certainly not Jay-Z's best work but at least it gets rid of Roc-a-fella's shitty beats, however you then loose Kayne West's best work for a while.

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