The Goat speaks :D


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003

You have got to read this thread - comedy gold :) Its Too bad that the troll managed to completly destroy the thread but the comedy value actually made it worth it this time.

Some gems from the Goat:

"See my point? It's more valid than anything on this earth so please S to the T followed by a F and finally an U, you know nothing of this subject because I am a college professor and I would knows better than yous"

"You mock me?
How immature, you would know that I have Phd degrees in Philosophy and Women Study and Chemical Experimenting With Things, CEWT"

"Just like traps in jungles, yes jungles, Im a veteran green beret, I was in operation desertstorm marking the sand with spray cans with big red X's so the planes could know where to carpet bombs very important military targets -- That will further educate you about my high intallignce and understand that I have a big brain understanding things and I can develop great military strategies and you will get owned by me in battlegrounds fool! so cry to parents and leav boards!"

"Get some smartness before opening your fingers with your keyhoards.. jesus smites those who walk in blashpemy and neglect people true happiness"

"I will write as slow as I am ability, so just you will get what it means.
I am college professor, what I say carries more wieghts than you even though you might be overweight IRL, end of talkings"

"Trying to undermine my authority by pretend that Im funny? You people are the ones that laugh when a kitten gets hurt by malicious penguins that happeneds all the time and when you goes out shoots one fot hem you get called a poachers? "

"You proves yourselfs wrong in this being due to the fact that you are lvl 50 and seek attention in a non existing world, it only exists in a game cartridge which is not tru to it self.
See, I have a Phd in philosophy because I can write things that might seem weird to others but obvious to enlightened/educated/adults"

"Well it is another continent, TIMEDIFFERENCE!?
I have plenty of times, because it are like 6 hours back in days so I can just go there in 6 hours, fail to understand?"

"For column? News papers, magazines won't publichs me due to them being afraid I would get popularities and take over, but I guess I can starts blog with thoughts, ideas and or wahtnot thougts and ideas abuot societies and help youth grow up respectfully"



Failed Geordie and Parmothief
Jan 2, 2004
the operation desert storm part is fuckin rofle

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