Tell me to work 1 more time mr boss and...


Queen of OT
Jan 4, 2004
yay me i found all 13 and kinda invented a few more, they could have used the phone (phone cords make an excellant improvised garotte) the golf club would have been handy, the golf Ball... drowning the sod in the water cooler would have been another also quite liked the idea of strangling the guy with his own neck tie, also spotted a picture that is taped to the wall, could be really daring and try inflicting the infamous "death of a thousand paper cuts" the umbrella option was a bit dissapionting as me personally would like to have tried some thing along the lines of rectal insertion and opening it, then theres the possibilities of electrocution and decapitation using either the ruler or the glass from the pc monitor screen.

<bow> i thank you


FH is my second home
Jan 23, 2004
*sings*Oh glennage, oh glennage, your oldness is so stinky.

Ahem...its fun but done. Not your fault, didn't know...perhaps...if you should dye your hair pink.

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