Teh Seel's BigMac Rap?


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Dec 26, 2003
Mention Bigmacs in your rap and you could get £2.80 for every thread view! ...or maybe not :|

While you can appreciate gangsta-rappas "bigging up" luxury cars and designer brands, hearing them rap about BigMacs would be silly, imo.

How do you bring fast-food in your rap? No self-respecting 'gangsta' comes from a ghetto with a MacDonalds! So maybe they're doing a drive-by in a drive-in. Shoot down the kid for getting your order wrong. Or you go inside MacDonalds, spot some fucker sneezing on your fries and pop him 5 times in the face...

Don't think it would be good publicity oO


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Jan 23, 2004
Teh Seel won't rap 'bout a dumb Big Mac.
That's a PR trap that's really whack.
I know what will happen if i do that.
My crew will find me and i be capped.

Fastfood just ain't my cup'o'joe.
I'm not a fatty fatfat, doesn't it show?
I need to rap good and fill the frontrow.
How'm'i do that by rapping 'bout a cow?

Be it a flat one, between two buns.
Dipped in a flavour vat by the tons.
Favorite food of all the cool ones.
But i ain't propping the evil McDons.

So hop on to Maccies and get a treat!
A BicMac makes my heart skip a beat!
There's tasty treats off all kinds to eat!
Did i just sell out? ....aww shi-et...


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Jan 4, 2004
SEEL!!! the rappin cub of d00m

i said it before and i'll say it again Seel for presidant........of the world!!!!!!


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