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Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
Arcanium Fortified Short Sword, 1H Slashing (L), 16.5/2.8, 300/60g
Arcanium Exceptional Short Sword, 1H Slashing (L), 16.5/3.2, 300/60g
Arcanium Fortified Long Sword, 1H Slashing, 16.5/3.2, 300/60g
Arcanium Exceptional Long Sword, 1H Slashing, 16.5/4.0, 300g/60g

Arcanium Fortified Hammer, 1H Crushing (L), 16.5/2.5, 300g/60
Arcanium Exceptional Hammer, 1H Crushing (L), 16.5/3.4, 300g/60g
Arcanium Exceptional Mace, 1H Crushing, 16.5/3.8, 300g/60g

Arcanium Fortified Stilletto, 1H Thrusting (L), 16.5/2.4, 300g/52g
Arcanium Exceptional Stilletto, 1H Thrusting (L), 16.5/3.3, 300g/52g

Arcanium Fortified Rapier, 1H Thrusting, 16.5/3.1, 300/60g
Arcanium Exceptional Rapier, 1H Thrusting, 16.5/3.9, 300g/60g

Arcanium Fortified Great Sword, 2H Slashing, 16.5/4.5, 300g/70g
Arcanium Exceptional Great Sword, 2H Slashing, 16.5/4.8, 300g/70g

Arcanium Fortified Great Hammer, 2H Crushing, 16.5/4.7, 300g/70g
Arcanium Exceptional Great Hammer 2H Crushing, 16.5/5.5, 300g/70g

Arcanium Fortified War Pick, 2H Thrusting, 16.5/4.6, 300g/70g
Arcanium Exceptional War Pick, 2h Thrusting, 16.5/5.3, 300g/70g

Arcanium Exceptional Bardiche, Slash Polearm, 16.5/5.2, 300g/70g

Arcanium Fortified Lucerne Hammer, Crush Polearm, 16.5/5.3, 300g/70g
Arcanium Exceptional Lucerne Hammer, Crush Polearm, 16.5/5.6, 300g/70g

Arcanium Fortified Partisan, Thrust Polearm, 16.5/5.1, 300g/70g
Arcanium Exceptional Partisan, Thrust Polearm, 16.5/5.7, 300g/70g

Arcanium Fortified Chain, Crush Flexible, 16.5/3.6, 300g/60g
Arcanium Exceptional Chain, Crush Flexible, 16.5/3.9, 300g/60g

Tempered Fortified Whip, Slash Flexible, 16.5/3, 300g/60g
Tempered Exceptional Whip, Slash Flexible, 16.5/3.6, 300g/60g


Will be crafting once the server comes up tomorrow until 6PM then contuning over the next few days etc. PM me if you require any of these, prices may be modified in future if they're a bit too high/low. PM dont reply!

Include quantity, quality, budget info etc.

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