Syrah's LGM armorer shop [/houseface 3708]

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Syrien, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Syrien

    Syrien Fledgling Freddie

    Welcome to Syrah's Legendary Armorer Shop!
    Let me introduce myself. I am capped armorcrafter with 1165 in AC.
    I am selling AF102 99% and MP reinforced and scale armor at Denson, Kilcullen.
    /houseface 3708

    Currently in stock:

    AF102 MP reinforced Legion bard hauberk - Vest of the Vile Dominion - 3p
    AF102 MP reinforced Galla blademaster gloves - Encrusted Cave Crystal Gauntlets - 1p
    16.5 DPS, 3.2 SPD Galla blade offhand - Vine Wrapped Impaler - 3p

    Crafted armor:
    AF102 MP scale hauberk - 4p444g
    AF102 MP scale leggings - 2p777g
    AF102 MP reinforced leggings - 1p966g
    AF60 MP leather vest - 70g
    AF50 MP scale gloves - 42g
    AF50 MP leather gloves - 15g
    AF50 MP leather sleeves - 30g

    AF102 99% scale full set - 2p850g!!!
    - helm/wreath - 575g (out of stock)
    - hauberk - 1p (out of stock)
    - sleeves - 375g
    - gloves - 175g
    - leggings - 575g (out of stock)
    - boots - 150g

    AF102 99% reinforced full set - 1p150g!!!
    - helm/wreath - 250g
    - vest - 385g
    - sleeves - 155g
    - gloves - 70g
    - leggings - 230g
    - boots - 60g

    Also got many parts of AF50,AF60,AF70,AF80 99% and MP scale, reinforced, leather armor in stock, cant list all items here. Come and see...
  2. Syrien

    Syrien Fledgling Freddie

    AF102 MP reinforced leggings added.
  3. Syrien

    Syrien Fledgling Freddie

    AF102 99% scale and reinforced armor SALE continues. Come and see. :wij:
  4. Syrien

    Syrien Fledgling Freddie

    AF102 99% reinforced full sets still in stock (but now not many).
    AF102 99% scale boots only in stock now, for 150g each.
  5. Syrien

    Syrien Fledgling Freddie

    Super prices for AF102 99% rf armor full sets, come and see :)

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