Strange Bedfellows - Part 4


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Dec 27, 2003
Jeros woke up with a start, "i dint, i wouldnt" he said to himself and slowly turned his head to the right Delfina was awake and was laying next to him smiling, "you did the right thing" she beamed.

Jeros leapt out of bed with a "ARGGGG", knocking down a candlestick, and paced up and down the room ranting, "you!!" her stutterd "You filled my head with stories of peace, you!! took advantage of my confused state!" jeros just pointed at her after that a loss for words. Deflina giggled and got out of bed and put her robe and was about to say somthing as there was a knock at the door, "ENTER!" she called, a tall elf walked in and said something in hibernian, "yes my lord" replied delfina and bowed, the elf turned to Jeros and said "my name is Joten" and bowed to Jeros, Jeros however just stared wide eyed, this was the first time he had seen an elf who hand not tryed to kill him, "perhaps" said Joten, "you should put on somthing" and pointed to a closet, Jeros rememberd he was naked and just silently went to the cuboard and opened it, inside was his armour and his jambiya and shield, "there giving me back my weapons!" thought Jeros.

Jeros pulled up his chain leggins and pushed on the gloves, as that was always the last part he put on and lifted up the hood on his cloak, and felt much better with the magic of his armour flowing through him, Delfina and Joten were conversing in hibernian and both looked at him and smiled, "good good" said Joten "and good night!", "But wha...." is all Jeros got out as Joten lifted his arms and there was a blinding flash of light.

"Blasted thing" said a familer voice and Jeros rubbed his eyes, he was laying on the ground staring up at the sky, he rolled his head to the side, There he saw Dukat finishing off a mind worm and he then kicked its corpse and knelt down to Jeros, "You ok my friend?,we have been looking for you for days", Jeros sat up and looked around, he was in emain once again, at the exact spot he had been saved by Delfina. "Deflina!....what.....i was in Tir na nog, i had sex with a did i get here again? Dukat burst into laugther and said "typical Jeros" Dukat stood up and yelled "Over here guys! i found him, he is a bit messed up!", Then a group of Drakan templars came through the trees, "Thank the lord" said Lieth a paladin, "By the light, how badly is he hurt?" said Amberlyn a cleric, "He will be fine" said Dukat, "the mindworms messed up his head though", "we need to get him back to camelot NOW!" said Alcione loudly while looking at the distance, there was a silence and in the distance there was the sound like rolling thunder, "Mids...." said Earath a wizard, "and lots of them ill warrent", "Well lets go" said a Dravenire a armsman, and he lifted Jeros to his feet and supported him with his stong arm, "dont worry mate, well get you fixed good" and they departed for home.

Four days later

Jeros had spent most of the four days resting at the guild house, the ordeal had proved stressful to say the least, even to a battle hardend warrior like Jeros, he had explained what had happend to his masters at the academy and they told him that blow to the head and the stunning magic of the mindworms had caused him to dream it all, Jeros belived them, it was after all quite a absurd story and Jeros dismissed it as a nightmare and that was that, a sorcerer had cast a calming mind spell no him and master dubri had ordered him to take five days rest.

Jeros sat on the guild house steps tuneing his lute and smiled as Dukat walked up to him and sat down beside him, "How you feeling?" he asked, "Fine fine" replied Jeros, "Just pissed off that celt knocked me out, i swear i could have taken her" he added. "i thought she took you back to Tir na nog for nights of passion" Dukat grinned, they both laughed and Dukat said "Come on i will by you a pint, i just gotta put my armour in my vault for the day", "im never one to turn down a free drink" smiled Jeros, "be right back" said Dukat as he walked in the direction of his house, Jeros stood up, as he did so a bird flutterd down on the steps, dropped a stone he had in its beak and flutterd off again, Puzzeld Jeros picked up the small flat stone, he noticed somthing on it, a marking....a a carved shape, a tree, a perfectly etched tree, apparntly etched in gold, he reconised the tree as the symbol of hibernia, he flipped the stone over, on the other side there was a D, again etched in gold, he looked up but the bird had vanished into the distance and he frowned, he stuffed the stone into his pocket and spoke of it to no one

Twenty years later.

"Im getting too old for this" Jeros said sommely putting down his pint of ale,when there was no responce to his statement he looked up at the person on the other side of the table, Dukat was busy staring at a young avalonian girl, "DUKAT!" said Jeros sternly, "sorry" said dukat "what were you saying?", "shes too young for you!" said Jeros, "HA!" scoffed Dukat "I bet i would have more chance than you old man!", "who you calling old?" said Jeros crossly.
Jeros was now 42, Though he was not as fast as he used to be he was till more than capable on the battle field and was famous as the "War crier" for the Drakan Templars.
"Jeros!" called Alcione from another table "lets have some music!", Jeros grinned and picked up his lute, he took a deep breath and was about to start strumming when a young minstrel burst into the pub, "DID YOU HEAR?, DID YOU HEAR?" he said exitedly, everyone stared at him, "What on earth are you going on about boy?" said Jeros, "Master Jeros!" said the young minstrel, and bowed "forgive me but this is amazing news, the king of Hibernia and Midguard are both coming to camelot to meet with king Constantine to discuss a TRUCE!", the pub erupted into cheers and Jeros turned to Dukat and said smiling "it might finally be over!", "The king requests the presence of your guild at the talks" said the young minstrel, Jeros felt hounerd. "we are more respected than i thought" he said to himself.

A week later

"NO NO!" said king Costantine slamming his hand down on the table, "Darkness Falls belongs to albion", he looked at the other partys at the table, one was the king of Hiberina and his aides, the hibernian king was a lurikeen that carried a air of power with him were ever he went, he wore green robes and a crown of golden leaves, the other was the king of midguard and his aides and he was a tall bearded norseman who wore a set of guilded chain mail and on his bank was a two handed sword etched with golden runes.
"this is not going anyware", sighed the king of Hiberina and the king of midguard just said nothing, "Permission to speak" said a large celt sitting next to the hibernian king, "granted" said the king, "why are we arguing over a place infested with deamons and other foul creatures, if we were at peace, as it the meaning of these talks, we would not need the foul implements of death that the deamons forge, if you ask me, the enterance should be sealed forever" said the young but large celt, "here here" said Jeros who was sat next to King constantine, then he remebered himself, "forgive my outburst my liege" he said quickly after. "no need to apologise Jeros" said Constantine, "it makes perfect sense was your name?" he asked the young celt, "Deran Keenblade" replied the celt, Jeros almost fell out of his seat at the mentioning of that surname, "yes yes" said constantine, "what Deran said makes complete sense, we should not bicker over this foul place, forgive me for getting so vexed about it, i have become accustomed to wanting Darkness Falls under albion control".
"we will all need to make changes if this is to succeed" said the hibernian king
"This is a waste of time" said the midguard king in a deep voice.
Deran stood up and said "we CAN work together in peace just as we did when arthur was alive, i am living proof, my mother was a celt and my father was a highlander".
The hibernian king raised his arm and through a nearby doorway Delfina walked in, she was a beautiful as Jeros remebered and time had not seemed to have withard her looks, she bowed at the kings and said "it is a houner to be in your presence" and then turned to Jeros "we meet again Jeros, i trust you got my token of affection?" she said and smiled, Jeros remebered the bird with the stone.
The hibernian king turned to Jeros and said "i am sorry for using you Jeros, but when the people learn of Deran they will better accept the peace we are planning after so many years of war",
"I KNEW IT" yelled Jeros, "it DID happen"
"do you think it was conicidence that your guild were sent out on patrol that day Jeros?" said king consantine, Jeros was about to respond when Dukat who had been standing guard near a door suddenly said "you used us!" , the kings turned to dukat, "you endargerd countless lives and used Jeros as a pawn in your polical game!", "it was for the greater good" said consantine.
and then there was a long pause
suddenly the king of midguard stood up "countless lives have been lost on all sides in this war, years of hatred has been created, and much destruction wrought on our lands, yet you would go to such lengths to bring peace and stabilty to these lands......perhaps.....this treaty will work after all" he turned to a norseman next to him, "Commander" he said, "withdraw our forces from hibernian and albion lands immedietly and await further instructions from me", "yes SIR!" said the norseman who got up and walked out of the room, "Gentlemen" said the king of midguard "Lets sign this treaty and end this bitter conflict once and for all", The three kings then got up and walked into another room and the door closed behind them.
Jeros looked at Delfina and Deran "Well" he said "who wants a drink?"

ten years later

Jeros sat on the porch outside his house strumming his lute, Delfina came out of the door and kissed him, "im going to the magic show in ludlow today, do you want to come?", "nah" said Jeros "ive got somthing to do at the academy, but this evening we can go to the stone for a drink if you like?", "sure" said Delfina, "cmon we better go, it will be midday soon", Jeros got up off his chair and yelled "DERAN!", Deran came out of the house "yes father?", "your mother and i are going to camelot, do you want to come with us?" asked Jeros, "yes i need to anyway, Dukat needs help with some bandits in the hills", Jeros smiled and said "be carefull ok", Deran said "i am desended from two great warriors and i will have a paladin with me, what can go wrong?", Delfina giggled and said "your father is hardly a great warrior", whats that supposed to mean" said Jeros.
"Oy do you two ever stop ya bicker'in" said a large troll walking up to them, with a dwarf by his side, "Berek, Geral, how are you this fine morning?" asked Jeros, Geral, a healer, said "fine fine, it great living in a lad were it does not snow every blink'in day", "do you two want to come to camelot with us?" asked Jeros "i hear that they have some new cloths fresh form your homeland", "excellent, of course we will come" said Geral, "Proboly nufin to fit me though" Grumbled Berek, they all laughed (except Berek) and headed off towards the stable master.

One highlander, one celt, one half celt half higlander, one dwarf, and one rather large troll, all friends, for Hibernia,Albion and Midguard were once again under one banner

once again, at peace with each other

**** THE END ****


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Jan 10, 2004
very nice m8, really good ending to the story :)

real nice job with that story, real nice :cheers:

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