Strange Bedfellows Part 2


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Dec 27, 2003
"were did she go" thought jeros and he pushed braches to one side looking for the celt. He searched for several minutes before coming to a lake, he survayed the huge monsters walking around in the lake and decided that perhaps searching further was not a good idea.

He was about to turn around before he noticed the mind worms around the lake and heard a rustleing next to him, he bit his lip and turned his head slowly to the right, there next to him was the hedious sight of a mind worm, "WHOA!" he yelled as the mindworm attempted to bite him but got a lump of shield instead, he wrestled his shield from the mindworms mouth and fumbled for his jambiya and slashed at its face, he began yelling at it in such a high pitched note that the mind worm screamed in pain (this was a comman attack for minstrels) studdenly the mind worm stunned him using a magical flare and bit his leg.
Jeros did his best but he soon realised that he was not going to beat the worm, jeros was soon bleeding and covered in wounds, his armour was slightly damaged in some areas and completly torn apart in others, he felt he did not have the strength to go on, the mind worm drew its head back for one final attack and jeros closed his eyes and waited for the end.

There was the terrible sound of screeching and a thud, jeros opened his eyes to see a dead mind worm and standing over it was the celt holding a blood stained two handed hammer, jeros held out a shaking hand with a notched jambiya in it and said "Stay back", the celt just stared and it was then jeros noticed her wounds, her left arm was bleeding badly and her lower abdommen was covered in slash marks, he could tell this by the holes in her scale armour.

Jeros managed to splutter out "I know not why you saved me celt, but you have my thanks, and thus i will allow you to leave alive", the celt luaghed and smiled, she had a very pretty face, "You seem to overestimate your chances minstrel" she said in perfect english, "how do you know enlgish" said jeros shocked, "never you mind that, what are we going to do?" she replied "What?" said jeros
"are we going to stand here and kill each other minstrel or are we going to go our seperate ways and be slaughterd by the countless midguard warriors who are doubtless roaming emain as we speak after your pathetic victory against them" she said in a loud voice, at this point jeros began to think about his wounds and the hoplessness of the situation and opened his mouth to say something, he passed out.....

He awoke with a start and sat up, then he screamed as he felt a massive stabbing pain in his (now bandaged) chest and slumped back down, "Foolish albion, you are not indestrutable, lay down and get some rest" jeros then said the first things that came into his head "who are you, why did you save me and why dint you kill me when i passed out" there was a long pause, "Firstly its Delfina, secoundly because i wanted to and i look like a barbarian?", "er" said jeros, Delfina rolled her eyes and went back to raosting some meat over a fire, jeros put his hand to his side looking for his jambilya and he could not find it, then he saw it up against a log the celt was sitting on, he looked up staring at the sky, it was night and the sky was full of twinkleing stars "so pretty" he thought to himself as a piece of cooked meat was shoved in his face, "Eat this" said Delfina.

Jeros did his best to eat but was not very hungrey, "Why so kind to your sworn enemy?" he said putting down a leg of what he thought was proboly torc leg, Delfina said nothing, jeros then sighed and began saying "as a prisinor of your realm i will not say anything that would jepordise my homeland or my guil...." he was interrupted by Delfinas luaghing "what is so darn funny this time women" said jeros peeved "we are at WAR dont forget" he yelled, Delfina smiled and picked up her hammer and said "i will kill you then", "your welcome to try" said jeros scrambleing to his feet and promptly passing out again


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Jan 10, 2004
:D what ya waiting for jeros m8 u'v pulled :D

nice follow on m8y :) <goes to read part3>

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