Stigmata Recruiting


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 1, 2004
Stigmata has decided to open is recruiting doors once again, what we are looking is the following :-

RvR Group Friendly Classes
Fully Sc'ed
Realm Rank 4 & above
Dedicated to RvR and able to RvR most nights

We are a RvR therefore things like TOA & PvE come second for our guild...doesnt mean we dont do it...just we dont spend as much time on it as some guild would.

Realm Rank 4 requirement is needed as by then you should of had enough RvR experience to know how to play and also have the necessary Realm Abilities.

Got to be dedicated...we have had ppl in the past join who say the want RvR and then after a couple of weeks go back to PvE...this doesnt suit us as a pls if you dont like RvR...or cant put in enough time...pls dont waste our time or urs by applying.

Any more questions or if you wish to apply pls use the following link and use the recruitment forum there.

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