Sound and fps issues...


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Dec 23, 2003
I've noticed over the last few weeks now that whenever i play certain games my sound starts breaking up along with massive FPS lag.

It happens with no rime or reason, i can just stand around doing f all and the sound starts cracking and my fps gets "studdery".

I doubt it's my sound card as it happens on both my onboard sound card as well as the retail one.

I've had this earlier as well but it always settles down after a while, but now it doesn't.

At first i thought it was heat related but nothing exceeds 60C, and there is also no hardware conflicts shown in the device manager.

So i'm kinda at a loss as to what it can be...

Anyone with an idea?


FH is my second home
Dec 29, 2003
Can I ask you what GFX card you use? a rl friend of mine had the same problem during games(with his new computer aswell). I searched around for it, and fixed it by uninstalling all the old drivers(Included catalyst) and then downloaded the newest beta drivers. Everything seems to work fine now


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Dec 22, 2003
I've seen similar where the HDMI audio on your graphics card interferes which is resolvable by disabling it (unless you need it, of course) in device manager. Might be worth a check, but otherwise first thing I'd do is a change of drivers, using something like drivercleaner first to get rid of all the old stuff.

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