SG1 cancelled :(


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Jan 3, 2005
As much as I love stargate I think they're doing a good thing ending it how they are. Daniel Jackson aka michael shanks is one of the many reasons I still watch it. Jonas Quinn, Corin Nemic(sp?), did a great job of filling his position, they should bring him back some more. I really love sg1 and the whole stargate world but letting it die gracefully and hopefully with some reason if the best thing I could have hope for. The writers really deserve some serious kudos for everything they've done for the sci-fi community.

Big thumbs up from me... the casting for the series is superb. wow it almost puts a tear in my eye see see such a legacy go.

I mean seriously so many series have ended up in the shitter but they are treating stargate with the cred and the respect it deserves.


Part of the furniture
Dec 22, 2003
I've been looking to watch the whole stargate seasons... But I just cant seem to find em. Can you buy em on DVD? Download em anywhere? I know you can't really tell me where to download em via this forum, but take contact with me via IRC or something, if you do know where :) Im dark_zenith on #groove.daoc.

And yeah, its a shame a good serie is ending.. But I agree with most others, better to do know, and people will remember the serie as brilliant, than just letting it get out of order, and people will just remember the shitending.

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