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Feb 11, 2004
Selling the following items. Leave a messege with offer here, or send me a prive messege here on FH.

Pally Epic armor

Arcanium Magme Infused War Axe 16.5 dps spd 3.7
Slash 5 pts Str 15 pts Slash 6% Hits 40pts
Bonus str attribute bonus cap:5
Magical Ability: Melee health buffer

ShimmeringMighty Obsian Kite Shield
Str: 28 Con: 28 Crush 4% Energy 2% Bonus to Con attribute bonus camp

Hardened Cetus skin
Con 16pts All melee wep skills 2pts
Crush 8% Slash 8% Trust 8%
Charged Magic Ability: 17% haste Duration 10 min

Arcanium Boots of the Cryth
Crush 11% Dex 15pts Quick 15pts Con 15pts
Bonus to AF 10
Melee health buffer proc

ShimmeringBlazing Adroit Briny Horned Shield
Con 16pts Quic 9pts Dex 24pts Cold 1%
Bonus to hit points bonus cap: 7
Magic ability: Direct damage proc

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