Selling Astral Hauberk of the Favored - take 2


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Jan 30, 2004
Selling Astral Hauberk of the Favored

PLEASE NOTE - having checked the bp, it is on 95% Duration, price will be lowered to compensate.

Realm: Albion
Slot: Torso
Requires Skill: Armor: Chain
(Armsman, Cleric, Mercenary, Minstrel, Paladin, Reaver)
Armor Factor: 102
Armor Absorb: 27
Magical Bonuses:

Dexterity: 21 pts

Item Bonuses:
Armor factor (AF): 14
Constitution attribute cap: 6
Strength attribute cap: 8 vs Non-Healing Classes
Acuity Attribute Bonus Cap: 8 vs Healing Classes

Casting Speed: 2% vs Healing Classes

Bonus to melee combat speed: 2%
- Requirement: Mercenaries, Reavers, Minstrels

Magical Bonuses:
-ALL magic skills: 3pts
-Requirement: Clerics Only
-ALL melee weapon skills: 3pts
-Requirement: Mercenaries, Reavers, Minstrels

Magical Ability:
Function: Heal
Value: 84
Target: Group
Cast Time: 3.00 sec

Armor Modifiers:

Base Factor: 102
Absorption: 27%
Quality: 100%
Condition: 100%

Starting Condition: 100%
Starting Duration: 100%
Default Bonus: 35%
Quality: 100%
Weight: 0.00 lbs
Utility: 29.00

This item is needed to summon the astral cloak.

Starting bid : 20p - Buyout 35p

Min bid : 2.5p

Auction ends Thursday 21st April at 7pm gmt

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