Saber Combat Improvement Ideas

Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by Zey, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Jedi Knight 2 Improvement Ideas Quakenet #jk2mod #jk2coding

    Server - (Go test so far, need beta testing to see if it is working properly, ta) Dont need to download, it is currently server side only - Not Always Up

    Any Problems with it, go to Quakenet IRC #jk2mod and look for me (Zey) or MikeC (who has rcon for the server) :cool:

    Thanks to Dest, NickR, Jaii and Subject aka TekView for all their support as they've basically done it so far... making me learn a lot of things too

    Once i've finished i dont' know if i will release it, as i've had a lot of help, and used some of Dest's code, Dest and Every other coder who's helped is welcome to add the parts they doesn't have in thier MOD. I did this for Fun and so i could learn more about C and jk2 coding.

    Here's the ideas:


    Shields Should not affect the damage by a saber, As Saber is a Melee weapon. Only guns should be affected by Shields.


    Sabers: Values & Stances

    Two Handed Stances

    Light Stance: (blue)
    Damage - 60hp
    Head - Dmg*10, Body - Dmg, legs - Dmg*0.25, arms - Dmg*0.25
    Speed - Same as 1.04 speed

    Medium Stance: (yellow)
    Damage - 80hp
    Head - Dmg*10, Body - Dmg, legs - Dmg*0.25, arms - Dmg*0.25
    Speed - Want to increase a little so it's the same speed as it was in CD version

    Heavy Stance: (red)
    Damage - 100hp
    Head - Dmg*10, Body - Dmg, legs - Dmg*0.25, arms - Dmg*0.25 Speed - Same as 1.04

    One Handed Stances (BEEN REMOVED, more than 3 stances for a single saber is too much)


    Saber Throw

    Damage - 40hp
    Return Damage - 20hp
    Head - Dmg*10, Body - Dmg, legs - Dmg*0.25, arms - Dmg*0.25

    Increase the amount of mana saber throw uses as Damage is high.

    Plus Want to make Saber drop to the ground if it is blocked (Thank U dest :))

    Making Saber Throw a good choice, but with High Risk and Penalty

    Sabers: Blocking (Decided not to change as blocking system seems fine.... please add comments if you disagree)


    This will hopefully balance out the Sabers and make them more like the film. It will Also make Sabers the better weapon to use because if you get too close, you'll end up like Jango Fett in Ep2 :fluffle:


    Hit Specific Actions

    Sabers Only

    Legs - If a leg is hit, the player will fall over. Same as a kick knock down or push/pull knock down. DONE

    Arms - Saber will be dropped and player will have to pick it up to use it again. (Migh make it so you can punch when you dont have a saber, see how it goes)


    Hit Specific Damage: Weapons DONE

    All ready been done for Sabers, but i'll try and implement it into Weapons.

    This will only apply to weapons like the Pistol, blaster, heavy repeater (standard fire), and disruptor.

    As the rest are explosion weapons.


    New Moves

    Knock Down Kick
    Not Sure how i'm gonna do this but in Single Player, if u land on someones head, they fall over, i'll try and get this put in..

    Extra Moves
    Will add a new key so u can do special jump moves like the cartwheel and stuff.... (once i know how :rolleyes: ) Already in game. Done Needs tweaking

    Darth Maul Kick: In need on Animators, So dont expect this one very soon :p

    Incase players lose their saber, there could be a Darth Maul style kick (not the current ingame one) that could be bound to a key to use at any time (but only with 10hp damage)


    Special Features

    Grappling Hook

    Made by Ask, a very talented Coder and has said i could use it :)

    We'll See


    I'll Edit as more flood to mind Add your opinions :clap:
  2. I can't download the pack from the server - Autodownload is off... anychance someone can let me know where I can download from?
    I've check'd the but it isn't there only 1.03a.
    was kinda hopeing to checkout the new stuff (^_^)
  3. mike-c

    mike-c Guest

    The mod is server-side...

    You don't need to download anything :clap:


  4. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Hit Specific Code has been added to Dest's MOD (Jedi MOD)....

    sound ;)


    Gonna try and add it too the weapons... :p
  5. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Information Updated again... keep checking as i update it probably every hours :p

  6. I'll try again in a sec now i'm on lunch... however when i tried last night, it wanted to download something called JK2MOD and with the AutoDownload off i couldn't.

    Well i'm also gonna finally check to see if the mod is there... but i've downloaded alot recently in the way of circulation mods and levels.
    Often if it isn't on or server - i don't tend to get it - firewall problems oftenly.

    (^_^) Well with all luck i'll find it and try again.

  7. Zey

    Zey Guest

    it hasn't been released :) it only has one small part of my ideas on there. The Hit specific damage part, thats it.

    It shouldn't ask for a download..... strange that as a few people say you need to.. but a few have said that you dont....
  8. Zey

    Zey Guest

    I'm putting this here as i dont have a clue how to do it :)

    So if anyone wants to help, feel free :)

    a) When Someone Dies, they drop their saber as an object that stays spawned for 10 seconds.

    b) Only after picking up a saber can you have duel sabers and double ended saber.

    c) Once you die u drop a single saber and spawn with only One Saber.

    d) Can only Have duel and double ender sabers when you pick a saber up.

    Duel Sabers:

    - While fighting, if you hit the "Left" Arm/Hand ... The Second Saber Will be destroyed.

    Double Ended Sabers:

    - Can only have Duel Sabers if you kill someone and pick up their Saber.

    - While fighting, if you hit the "Right" HAND .... One half of the Saber will be destroyed (disappear)

    - If you hit the "Right" ARM..... the saber will drop to the ground (not as an object) and return to you as a single Saber after a period of time.


    In Dest's JEDIMOD, you can re-scale the saber.... i think

    Why not make it so if you pick up an item, that will extend your saber.

    Yes i know you'd have to make another item, but if you cant, just use the Bacta Tank one (or something which isn't useful) as most people dont have time to use them anyway ;)

    Or you make it so you can extend the saber if you have more than 10 kills? something like that :)


    I Could never do it, so i'm posting it here incase an expert Coder *cough* Dest *cough* can do it :)


  9. hahaa that'd explain why my searchs on the site have come up blank (^_^)

    oki guess its a case of keep trying until it works
    I've seen a mod in SDK form about those dual sabers - I could ask my coder about this stuff (i'm trying to get him hooked enough on JK2 to wanna make a mod)

    However have you seen JK2++ Beta4... seems to have some good promise. Perhaps team up with those guys to progress.
    I could easily make an extra Saber item, however you can always use the sabers within the main game Asset0.pk3 - shouldn't be too hard to setup an item drop, but the timer maybe harder becuase of greater sync player (aka myself ;))
    However the code for the Holocrons should surfice for it no?

    Well gonna check out the server now (^_^)

  10. Dang... just tried 4times, no go - still wants JK2MOD\JK2MOD.PK3
    Don't understand whats wrong if some people can use it straight.
    Maybe my modem speed won't allow a serverside mod.
    :-\ about the only thing i can think of right now - lol
    I mean I'm running 1.04 so should be fine enough.
    Annoying when things like this happen... well as the developer your problem to find out not mine - hehee

    I think i'll look into this thou - probably not much help, but always nice to have another peep on the case ;)

  11. Zey

    Zey Guest

    turn off ur auto download mate.... that might be why because i have it set to no, and if it tries to download, it's your end mate.

    As for the duel sabers, it's been released by Dest called JediMOD

    it's no.1 download.... so the suggestions are for him as he's helped me out a lot with teaching me C and jk2 code.... wicked bloke :p
  12. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Guest

    It sounds very interesting, but what is the diverance between an attack broken and deflected?

  13. Hahaa... turn'd autodownload off - tried to connect twice, now it doesn't register a ping on the server :'(
    :: sighs :: Gonna keep trying perhaps sometime, it'll work.
    I talked to my friend and reckons that taking the powerup code from Quake3 would actually work quite well for the sabers (^_^)
    Becuase they're setup for dropped and pickup and changin player stats.
    Just really a case of adapting to the code already in place by the sounds of it.
    I'd like to see this become more of a skilled sport than a hack'n'slash it is right now - lookin' at combo moves particularly.
    I mean can take out Force Throw as Mouse Button 2 and reattach it to a force power like in JK|MOTS and then assign the second button to like a right move, and the first for a left ;)
    Not sure about it, maybe require some extra skeleton animation moves - but possible (^_^)
    Could really get that well ernt Oni feel into JK2. Gonna personally tinker with this idea ... share whatever I come up with.
    I'd love to see epic battles that require skill rather than faster modems (but hey thats the 56ker in me talkin lol)

  14. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Broken - When the Saber strikes, the saber carries on moving forward and breaks through the defence, knocking ur opponent back.

    Deflected - When saber strikes, both sabers move away, but the opponent gets knocked back.

    It already does this, but i haven't figured out how to change it yet... still learning ;)

    What's done so far:

    -New Damage Values
    -Hit Location Damage
    -Leg Sweep (When saber hits leg, opponent falls over)
    -Two new stance and one new move (trying to fidn more stance and moves)
    -Dismember can be done by Saber and some other weapons ;)

    Still thinking of new ideas....

    :) Post ideas and opinions please!
  15. Zey

    Zey Guest

  16. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    I've heard thats a Q3 engine problem, sometimes it tried to download server side mods :/
    Best thing might be to let people download it.
    Sounds interesting, might check it out sometime.
  17. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Well i've done:

    - Hit Location Code... So different scaled damage for different body parts hit. Also hitting people in the leg causes then to fall over, funny as hell ;)

    - New Damage Values, none of this 5 hits to kill crap :) Call kill in one if u hit the head so :D

    - 2 new stances and 1 new special Move added - Needs Testing

    - Ripped Dest's Code for when you Do a Saber Throw and it's blocked, Saber might fall to the ground. Trying to add this so when you hit the arm with the saber in, it does the same - Needs Testing

    - ummmm.... oh other weapons other than the Saber can do Dismember :p

    I'm leaving all the Client Side Stuff till last so people dont have to keep downloading until it is finished.

    Add you suggestions and Ideas :)
  18. 3APA3A

    3APA3A Guest

    Nice to see my mod being used in other good mods (and your mod is one of the best I saw :) )

    Too bad the nick ASk was already taken
  19. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Cheers Ask :)

    Ant finished like cause i'm a n00b coder :p

    But Everyone in #jk2coding on quakenet are a big help and i'm learning ;)

    Got a lot to learn until i finsh, but i'll try :D
  20. marker0077

    marker0077 Guest

    New Force Rank

    Is there any way you guys can implement a new force rank?

    I would very much like a new force rank that allows all force powers at level 3.
  21. Zey

    Zey Guest

    heeh :) Over Kill.... I'm sure it can be added as an option.... i'll ask about
  22. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Heres a good tip though.
    I've heard that decompressing the pk3 in the mod folder works around it.
  23. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Been updated
    please read and give comments
  24. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    I dunno what it is but it seems dead easy to hit people, random (but still funny) kills all over the place.

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