run for ML9 sunday March 13th, 15:00h CET

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Ingafgrinn Macabre, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Ingafgrinn Macabre

    Ingafgrinn Macabre Can't get enough of FH

    run for ML9 sunday March 13th, 15:00h CET

    After so long of having no ml9 raid there should be enough people interrested, so:
    Here comes another ML-raid à la Ingafgrinn!!!!!!!

              Uncle Ingaf wants
                 ___________    ____ 
          ______/   \__//   \__/____\ 
        _/   \_/  :           //____\\ 
       /|      :  :  ..      /        \ 
      | |     ::     ::      \        / 
      | |     :|     ||     \ \______/ 
      | |     ||     ||      |\  /  | 
       \|     ||     ||      |   / | \ 
        |     ||     ||      |  / /_\ \ 
        | ___ || ___ ||      | /  /    \ 
         \_-_/  \_-_/ | ____ |/__/      \ 
                      _\_--_/    \      / 
                     /____             / 
                    /     \           / 
    Meet at Aerus haven before 15:00h CET, 14:00h GMT, 16:00h EET. We depart at 15:15 sharp.

    The pre-req's

    The complete transcript of ML9 can be found here
    Read it so you'll know what will happen during the raid.

    I will need someone that can steer us around
    I will need someone that will do the lotto (if noone stands up as volunteer I will keep all the drops)
    and I will need my personal "sherrif" who will point BG members on bad behaviour.

    The phoenix remains are a non-roll drop, for I will keep that one for leading this raid.

    I expect everyone to follow my every lead as it get's very messy if in a large battlegroup people go do whatever they want to do themselves.
    The only punishment I know to execute is a /kick from the battlegroup. and those of you who've been on my raids before I do not mind doing so, but I have only done that once because usually the raid goes well without any problems ;)

    I hope to see you all then!!

    --Ingafgrinn Macabre--
  2. Bluesky

    Bluesky Fledgling Freddie

    Count me in with my sb and sm and prolly shammy too - can do any jobs u want inga - done lots of long ml9 lottos in the past etc - you know me anyway m8 :)
  3. Kvadi

    Kvadi One of Freddy's beloved

    Will be there for sure Inga. :) :clap:

    Krago, 50 Healer, RR3L0, ML8 Perfecter
    Markan, 50 Warrior, RR2L8, ML6 Battlemaster, LGM Weaponcrafter
    Sleekit, 50 Shadowblade, RR3L7, ML8 Spymaster
    Menno, 50 Shaman, RR3L0, ML8, ML8 Perfecter
    Sneka, LGM Tailor
    Sermun, LGM Spellcrafter
    Amavan, LGM Alchemist

    co-GM of Venom

    House 1713, Jervaulx, Erikstaad

    "We're not retreating; we're just advancing in a different direction"
  4. Celinka

    Celinka Fledgling Freddie

    will be there with my bd and my sm
  5. Arnora

    Arnora Fledgling Freddie

    Will be there with my healer
  6. ajzee

    ajzee Fledgling Freddie

    count me in :) ill be there with my sb (ajzee)
  7. pjuppe

    pjuppe Fledgling Freddie

    signing up nataljah, lvl50 aug/mend-healer.
  8. Azathrim

    Azathrim Fledgling Freddie

    If I sign up as Sheriff, can I keep tabs on one of the Phoenix leggings then?
  9. xenia-

    xenia- Fledgling Freddie

    Ill bring an active buffbot :)
  10. Liff

    Liff Fledgling Freddie

    That means:
    So you are doing jack ass apart from starting a BG at a given time and
    Why? You got one driving, one doing lotto, one being sheriff. What will your part be?
    stlong leading. :clap:
    I dont care for remains anyway, so keep all the remains you like.
    cya :)
  11. Tiques

    Tiques Fledgling Freddie

    Sorry, but, lead one perhaps? :D

    You will be surpriced how many go AFK without noticing (the sherif is there for those badmouthing, not afk'ers, I guess...)


    PPeople not knowing how to do a step

    People being tripper happy "I'll just attack this Cetus mob while we wait..."

    Answering PM's "My wifes mother's step-sister's daughter's best friend came over, ok if I take 10?"

    Making the group setups (usually 2 groups with "heavy" abilities, rest random)

    Deciding which tactics, then hear 5 others tell you a better one that SOOOO worked last week...

    Having the initiative to arrange it at all...

    Take responsibility that the other 3 is trustable (wouldn't want someone to run of with loot, would we?)

    Could go on :)
  12. Ingafgrinn Macabre

    Ingafgrinn Macabre Can't get enough of FH

    Liff, If you've got a problem with how I organise it... please don't hesitate to not show up that sunday....

    There's a lot more, and believe me, a whole lot more in leading a masterlevel raid...
  13. Ovron

    Ovron Loyal Freddie

    Hi there,

    I will attend with Ovron - dark runie.

    Also... some can't attend at these early hours, don't worry, I will make a ML9 raid at later hours :fluffle:

    Nice going Inga! :)

  14. St.Anger

    St.Anger One of Freddy's beloved

    I'll be there with Thane.

    Btw, Lill, great contribution m8... :twak: NOT !
  15. Azathrim

    Azathrim Fledgling Freddie

    I wouldn't say that if I were you. Although it has been awhile since the last ML9 raid, numbers are not excactly in Mids favour at the moment. I think you are going to need all the people you can get. We don't want another 4.2, eh? :)
  16. Liff

    Liff Fledgling Freddie

    The reason why I dont run raids is the there are several people in my guild that knows the trains and raids way better then I do. So they lead ml raids, I dont

    Regarding the raid. Ingaf and I just have different points of view on how to do things. But I recon all of us would like ml 9 done - since it's been ages since last raid - and if the cost is that raidleader wants to keep the remains, I think a very large % of mid is willing to accept that, and that goes for me as well.
    So I will be there (and disliked by everybody ofc coz of my posting here) when you run your raid.

    It's Liff, assuming you are talking to me. If so. You :twak: me. That made me sad tbh :(
  17. Azathrim

    Azathrim Fledgling Freddie

    I agree with Liff, but, if Inga wants to introduce this concept to raids, be my guest. Just don't be surprised when others take up the concept on upcoming ML raids.

    A shame though. It has been nice that this greed from raid leaders haven't appeared, yet.
  18. Dyna_Mite

    Dyna_Mite Fledgling Freddie

    I need to be there with my SM so here is hoping :clap:
  19. Ingafgrinn Macabre

    Ingafgrinn Macabre Can't get enough of FH

    just to mention something: This will be the nineth ML-raid I lead, if I add to that the last try on ml9 which failed, then it would be the tenth. Now this is the first time I claim an item, infact, I didn't even get anything, not even a rog drop, or 94% drop on my first 6 raids, got the leftovers on the 7'th (which I all donated to the guild vault) and got a decent item on the 8'th, just rolling for it like everybody else. so I didn't do it for the cash or items, I did it just for the realm, and for that I got a load of whines, a load of stress, a load of cursing, but generally that all was negligeble against the satisfaction of leading 100+ middies thru all those ml's... (higest numbers were around 140~150 mids I think), and the satisfaction of leading a well-oiled (or in some cases, a little less oiled) raid without much incidents.

    Now this is the first time I claim an item for any raid I do, and if I were greedy, I would've claimed the item that's worth most cash, but I don't.. infact I claim an item that is in essence worthless, except for decorating a house. okay, perhaps more people would like the remains, but it doesn't do nothing against the strength of the realm. Yes, if there's another item I would like, I will probably also roll for that, but I do not give myself a rolling mod or anything.

    I do not want this whining again, I do this for everybody needing ML9. I've stated my rules, they are no different then all the other raids I've done, and I won't change them either. If anyone doesn't like the way I lead my raids, please don't show up at it. I'd rather have a raid that failed due to low numbers, but where it was fun to hang out with eachother, then a raid that succeeded, but was a crime to lead.

    If there are more whines like before I will cancel the raid, so before you start whining, beware that there will probably a whole load of angry mids against you.
  20. St.Anger

    St.Anger One of Freddy's beloved

    [/QUOTE]It's Liff, assuming you are talking to me. If so. You :twak: me. That made me sad tbh :([/QUOTE]

    Poor baby, it's just that i don't care for any remains and that i'm very glad someone finally holds a ML9 raid again. Didn't mean to upset you :wub:
  21. Ixnay

    Ixnay Can't get enough of FH

    Shall be there with teh gimpy Skald. :m00:
  22. mercury

    mercury Fledgling Freddie

    Fully sympathize with Ingaf. Im a trophy addict (whore some would say out of my hearing) but I got the Feather, so no worries on that score. Ofc if anyone has a spare Chim or Typhon - never won the roll as yet on those - Ill happily trade.

    Remains fotm imo
  23. Ixnay

    Ixnay Can't get enough of FH

    Are you the original owner of Merc ? :eek:
  24. Mazzuca

    Mazzuca Fledgling Freddie


    Hi Inga :)

    will b there with Mazzuca warrior lvl 50 shield tank.

  25. Liff

    Liff Fledgling Freddie

    Remains wont benefit me in rvr, so I agree with you. And same goes for the rest of you post :)
  26. Zlugugg Benvis

    Zlugugg Benvis One of Freddy's beloved

    Ug ... I ll be there in some form ... dont like the claiming part as the Phonex thropy is rarer then the dragon thropy and would be something to be proud of in any house but I ll have to accept it and you are a good RL so lets have chicken for dinner this Sunday.

  27. Ingafgrinn Macabre

    Ingafgrinn Macabre Can't get enough of FH

    well, ofcourse if it seems that the chicken goes down fast enough, and the repop is fast enough aswell, we could kill her twice no problems, to get another remains, which would be put up for roll, but we'll have to see that on sunday ;)
  28. Belomar

    Belomar Fledgling Freddie

    Wow, stumbled on this thread by accident, but I must agree with Liff. Frankly, it is quite sad to see someone take advantage of the few amount of ML raids being done in Midgard just to get his hands on a coveted item like the ML9.10 trophy (not that I care myself, but I understand it is quite valuable). I've run plenty of ML raids (including ML9, which arguably is the most complex one) in the past, and never felt the need to pre-claim stuff or drops. Oh, and don't bother telling me not to show up--I don't have need of ML9 anyway.
  29. Arnora

    Arnora Fledgling Freddie

    Will be there with my healer..
  30. Gildorf

    Gildorf Fledgling Freddie

    will come wi gil

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