Rogues.. Sword/dagger or Dagger/dagger??

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Jerbear, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. Jerbear

    Jerbear Fledgling Freddie

    hey all i have so many diffrent opinions on this subject while playign WoW i dont knwo what to think so i figured i would bring it here for u all to disscuss and give me your information.. i have people saying that dagger/dagger for a rougue is best with BS and ambush and such. but i also have people saying that Sword/dagger for a rougue is best with the awsoem SS! i am currently playing as a Sword/dagger. cuase with a sword in main hand and not a dagger u cant do BS or Ambush but u will make up for it with the awsome dmg SS u will eb doing but i have people that dissagree with that and i also have people that agree with it and there are also people that just say play what ever u feel comfertable with and i dotn know what to think anymore but then there are people that say macro's..... use daggers at first and BS while they stunned and after u use your stunns up use the macro to get your swords out and finish them with SS but that is to many buttons for me i like simple. this is just something i have gotten into aguements with people about and i just want to see what the people at freddys house have to say about this cuase as of now i dotn knwo what to think... thanx alot everybody will be looking forward for your posts!!
  2. Garaen

    Garaen One of Freddy's beloved

    I use two swords and have the majority of my talent points in Combat. I mow through mobs. :) Once you get to level 26 and get cheap shot just get two swords and open with cheap shot every time.

    If you are desperate to use dagger assination techniques i would suggest switching to two swords as soon as the first move is pulled off.
  3. k9awya

    k9awya Can't get enough of FH

    go sword/dagger or sword/sword

    take prep and cold blood in subt and assassin
  4. Brynn

    Brynn Can't get enough of FH

    Sword / Sword
  5. Light

    Light Loyal Freddie

    highest max dmg in main (as ss is instant attack does not depend on wep speed)

    fastest decent level wep in off hand (for poison applications)

    If you still wanna start with ambush and use backstab ect use stancesets mod - switch to dagger main hand in stealth and/or have a button mapped to do the switch for backstab or whatever

    personally im sword/dagger ss spam going cold blood / prep route atm
  6. bult

    bult Loyal Freddie

    sword or mace in main hand and whatever fast weapon in offhand.

    Most of the Rogue abilities is insta attacks that only depend on the reuse of the ability so you will style as often with slow weapon as you will fast wich means you do more damage with a slow weapon. At higher lvl you only use the CS/KS combo and dont need ambush/bs etc so no reason to go dagger.
  7. Acercerak

    Acercerak Fledgling Freddie

    I go sword/dagger for PvE. Because isn't that necessary in PvE, and you will do more damage per swing with a sword. Now why not 2 swords? Because, with the dagger/sword combo, both my skills "level up".

    In PvP, I use dagger/dagger, because in PvP, stealth/ambush/backstab are dire necessities.
  8. Tzan

    Tzan Fledgling Freddie

    I use both. Kinda "more button pushing" technique but.. I like it. :)
    When stealthed I have dd to be able to use the styles then I switch to sd while fighting and when backstab is ready again i switch to dd... then again to sd :) pretty easy since i use the mouse only at movement.
  9. Bloodaxe_Springskalle

    Bloodaxe_Springskalle Fledgling Freddie

    sword / dagger imo, as the amount of swings with offhand improves the chance of instant poison landing more often.
    provided you use instant poison that is, wich i consider a good choice (cripple (main) and instant poison (offhand) for PvP)
    and Intant on both in PvE
  10. Dorin

    Dorin Fledgling Freddie

    sword / dagger, get stancesets and make a macro if you would like to backstab after gauge.

    works well @ 43 for meh...
  11. Unalive

    Unalive Fledgling Freddie

    As light says,

    highest max dmg in main

    fastest decent level wep in off hand (for poison applications)

    However im currently testing mace spec for a bit of a change :)

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