Rjann, Ejo, Eradicate and co..

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Kahvi, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Kahvi

    Kahvi Loyal Freddie

    Think this is my first whine ever here on FH :)

    I really respect you guys. Can you pls respect a soloer struggling to find solo fights. 8-1 isnt a fair fight. Take care out there..

  2. GrivneKelmorian

    GrivneKelmorian Fledgling Freddie

    dont count on it.. i know most of these guys and they still like to gank me ;D
  3. Nilmeia

    Nilmeia Fledgling Freddie

    I'd love to but after 3 years I've been playing DAoC and never happened to me FG wouldn't kill me while I was soloing, I'm not willing to do that. We're rps thirsty xD Try to roam around less busy places m8.

    Anyway, I will remind u this when you pawn me with your caba friend while I solo with ranger :D

    PS was Puppet playing Ejo coz we needed bard just fyi so don't confuse the players (I hope he won't kill me now :p you didn't play THAT bad Puppet !! :p)
  4. Ticking

    Ticking Fledgling Freddie

    Rps = Rps mmk even if yer solo
  5. Adianna

    Adianna Fledgling Freddie

    Hm... are Rps something different than RPs or rps? Realm Points per second perhaps? :D
  6. Maeloch

    Maeloch Part of the furniture

    Don't whine, just add on their fg fights ;).

    Mael, 50th ment.
  7. Quinlan

    Quinlan Fledgling Freddie

    No but you are killed respectfully ;p
  8. dopi

    dopi One of Freddy's beloved

    We so evul tbh :fluffle:
  9. Xxcalibur

    Xxcalibur One of Freddy's beloved

    puppet sucks as Cc´er , always i told him :)
  10. Puppet

    Puppet Resident Freddy

    Yeah I sucked pretty hard lol :D But was fun to play a bard once with leading and mezzing and such. Much smacking insta I have to admit :( Shines a new light on the game tho; much respect to all the drivers and mezzers in game who successfully manage to keep up.

    Even simple things as PLAY ENDURANCE NOW ! i couldnt keep track up lol. I always wanted to heal people and i couldnt interrupt people in melee. Think Miracle found me a few times sticked to him clueless wtf I should do lol. On druid I smack around abit but cant do that on bard without loosing end-song. So I used all shouts I could find on my spellist lol.

    Anyhow yeah was me playing Ejo the bard; real Ejo is playing WoW. Got him 15K or so tho :O

    And oh well Eunar; RP is scarce to come by nowadays on Prydwen so rarely someone gets spared. State of game and such :/
  11. Roadie

    Roadie Fledgling Freddie

    hehe i wish id been out on not on the worlds longest ml4 raid :D

    your post made my giggle puppet :)
  12. Arethir

    Arethir Fledgling Freddie

    The prob is that you cant let soloers go, coz they will only add on fg vs fg fight later on. If all soloers stopped adding then i would be more than happy to stop killing them, but this is not going to happen, and noone can exåect any fg to know who's gonna add and who's not gonna add.
  13. Nilmeia

    Nilmeia Fledgling Freddie

    Not even talking about "Puppet, please wait!" "We need rest" "I'm oop" "FG behind us" "OOS !!!"... and Puppet happily chargint towards another group in front of us :D

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