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Nov 29, 2004
Only a lil question about patch's

When u install Toa u need to dl a patch 50mb or summin..
i got a retarded connection atm cause my other one went bang ;/
just wondering if the patch is on the catcombs CD?

i.e i format my Hardrive install DAoC +SI + ToA +Catcaombs
will i need to dl patchs?


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Dec 24, 2003
you only need to install catacombs, unless you plan on using the old ToA client for performance reasons or the like (though there doesn't seem to be a need for that, though possibly if you have over 2gig of ram the TOA client with "texture precaching" at full will run ever so slightly smoother in RvR)

you don't need the classic daoc client at all (it no longer works either) and you probably won't need SI unless again you use it for performance.

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