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Dec 23, 2003
right, first one is probably pretty obvious, but i figured i'd ask anyway :p

how hard is the class to level 30+ without a bot?

currently lvl 26 and have quite a few nasty oh shit moments when all my pets die right in the middle of a pull and i'm OOM :p

secondly, is there any half decent animist leveling guide around that take into account the cap on the F&F pets.

having a really hard time to find a fun class to level with, someone PL me a couple of toons, preferably in catacombs instances so i have some aurulite to get gear with :p

bah, i asked for PL, i'm weak now :(


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Jan 25, 2004
Actually you shouldn't really PvE with a pet, unless you have a bot to buff/heal the pet. Just spec arboreal all the way and nuke monsters dead. All you need to do is find some body vulnerable mobs and kill them.

Remember that there is an XP cap, so killing lots of orange fast is better XP than struggling with red/purp.

Get WP and MoM as fast as possible if you spec arboreal, so that your bombers deal really nice damage (Don't forget to respec to dex4 for RvR) :p Oh and in the 30s you can get GolM and TO as artis already.

Then for RvR, get dex4, then MoM->WP->AA … can't think of anything else that really rocks. MoC is kinda cool, but kinda situational as well. I never had it and I didn't wish I had it very often. Maybe at RR9+ or so. I was 7L9 (69) and had MCL (5), dex4 (20), mom4 (20), wp4 (20), AA2 (4). Worked out for me with like 800dmg on crit.

Animist is a cool class and many people are fascinated by the high damage, but don't forget you have other tools as well. The verdant pet has a dd+snare, which sets no immunity timer, so it's awesome to peel off tanks. The AE root is now instantly there and not a bomber anymore AND it has a 2.0s casting time. You have an AE bt which you can spam at friends at low casting time etc.
Always remember that dmg is nice, but don't get too greedy. You can only do dmg when you're not face down. Sucks I didn't record many more fights with my animist, but that's life :(
Oh and don't let some people fool you, there is no "correct" way of bombering someone. Mostly it's 3 bombers -> DD+defuff -> LT, but it all depends on range ;)

Oh and the RR5 is absolutely funny against large groups of clueless people. I once managed to kill about 20 mids solo while the rest of my group was already dead, cause they kept on whacking the other shrooms xD

Oh and tanglers are situational. A rooted enemy can't be snared by tanks anymore. Sometimes it's better to set dmg turrets, even though they can break root. Can be fun to interrupt people who rush in. Depends on how your tanks play. On classic the tanks played peel by snare, so using of root was rather seldom.

Heh, that was more than you wanted to know, but I hope it helps you =)


FH is my second home
Dec 23, 2003
lol, no i dont try red/purple, hell i die on yellow/blues if 1 orange aggro :)

really struggeling to find decent camps tho. everyone i find have absolutely horrible respawn time so i spend 85% of the time waiting for respawn :/

and the RA advices are nice, tho i'm gonna have to hit 50 first, and at this rate it will take a while :(

currently creepiing spec for maximum turret damage, and its pretty ok if i find a camp of blue/yellow mobs thats vulnerable to the turrets. but then they kill so fast the respawn can't keep up :(

and cant respec untill i'm 40 either, retardedly high respec buy cost at 26 :(
hate being low lvl lol, i just wanna get to 40 - 45 so i can start on arties and ML :(


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Apr 24, 2005

creeping is no where near as efficient for arb when levelling, the shrooms steal xp and like was mentioned earlier, killing lower con mobs (oranges preferably) and lots of them fast is the best way of flying through the levels

also the shrooms count as another attacker, so more than 1 will make any BaF camp bring 2nd, 3rd etc mobs to attack you and your shrooms

so the quickest way to xp is going full arboreal and putting down your main dps pet just outside of a camps radius, then bombering down a single mob at a time and having your pet assist you as the mob comes in, rinse repeat

however, its no where near as fun as creeping :D

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