Pull Backstab problem HAS BEEN SOLVED

Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by FragFodder, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Firstly credit where credit's due.

    Thanks goes to "[Sith] A New Order" and Xenoeye for informing me about a nice SERVER SIDE mod (no client files needed) to eliminate the Pull + Backstab problem. I played on their server the other night for a few hours with several [Sith] peeps and had one of the best set of saber fights I've had in months. *thx guys*

    Ok the MOD.

    I'm lead to believe that that when Lucasarts and Raven scrapped the idea of a v1.04 patch they'd already fixed a few bugs. These included the Backswing which now acts like every other move and only does damage whilse the blade is inside the body instead of ripping 100+ damage points on contact.

    Raven released these fixeds as part of the Developement Kit. I think it was their way of saying "Here's what we've done, sorry there wont be another patch, but this should get you a long way towards creating your own v1.04"

    Anyway here's an extract from the Readme:

    Mod description:
    This is a server-side mod that incorporates the changes done by Raven since the release of v1.03 (from the SDK), and additionally balances out saber throw and the swift kick. *see below* Optionally there also is a .cfg file that when executed lets the server use the Ghoul2 collision detection from the Single Player, making saber combat much more dynamical and enjoyable (highly recommended!)

    * Information / "WHAT does this do ???" *

    This 'Patch'/MOD does not interfere with your normal 1.03 installation at all. You still can join every normal 1.03 Server just as usual.

    The *.pak itself only contains one file, this file changes all the stuff Raven *has* fixed since v1.03 on server- side. Of course the SDK includes client side stuff as well, but to date it is unknown if there actually *are* any real changes on the client's side.
    After extensively testing this mod it is released as a very small server-side mod! So the download is very small, just ~250kb for the whole package (incl. this readme).

    Here's a simple list *what* Raven did change for v1.03a:
    - backstab/-sweep damage has been fixed and now follows the same rules as the other moves.
    - bug, where you could rotate around your own axis during backstabs/-sweeps has been fixed
    - the exploit where blue lunge could be executed in mid-air has been fixed.
    - Secondary fire of FC1 and Heavy Repeater cost 15 ammo units instead of 25 as in 1.03
    - pull/push don't knock down your enemy as ofte as before, if they have spend full force-points on pull/push

    (this listing is not necessarily complete so far!)

    *NOTE*: These changes have all been done completely by Raven themselfes and have not been altered by anyone else in this MOD.

    This are the very small additional changes that have been incorporated, apart from Raven's own 1.03a changes:
    - swift-kick now does 9 damage (rather than its standard 18)
    - saber-throw now takes up 60% of your force power, and 'only' makes 15 Damage (rather 20% and 30 damage)

    * FAQ / RATO ("rants already thought of") *

    "Throw...? What's wrong with throw?"

    This MOD makes throw a lot more tactical and removes constant throw-spamming and duels lacking even one
    slash, without taking away with throw completely.

    "WHAT? Throw is too weak now!!!"

    I know that might sound a bit exaggerated to some, but believe me it isn't: Thow still is worth every force-point one could spend on it, and is very handy in certain situations.
    Put simple: It just will be spammed WAYS less , and saber duels should be decided upon one's real 'skill' with the saber rather than his throwing 'skills'.

    "Well tweaking throw is good, but I'd rather have it altered like ..."

    Yes, there are a whole lot of other options to change the 'throw issue', but actually this one does not feel too bad. I like it a lot. The numbers might not sound too spectacular or promising but I think the modification does its job really well here. If you think throw was too strong, but feel umcomfartable when looking at these numbers (60% force usage, 15 damage) try it out. And possibly try not to cencentrate too much just on throw, trhat would surely take away the fun ;)
    And the focus of this MOD is to have the 'inofficial Patch' v1.03a, with custom changes brought down to a minimum.

    "kick nerfed?"

    -> less spamming, more real combat, I hope. Most players should now realize that a nicely placed slash is much more powerfull, and constant kickers, might be better beatable without kicking yourself.

    *NOTE*: Some still feel kick has been *nerfed* in 1.03 by making you need to doubletap the jump key... it surely isn't! It's way more powerfull this way, because one could easily do it in mid-air... so it needed to be tweaked a bit at least. If these changes are unsatisfactory, I might see what else could be done (e.g. remove the damage completely?). Some feedback on this is apreciated.

    The only other stuff that is changed (and made optional) is a special v103a_plus.cfg config file, that sets up your server to run the Ghoul2 saber combat system. Just run it by adding "+exec v103a_plus.cfg" to the command line starting your server. I highly recommend these settings for the best balance possible.

    * WHY ??? *

    INTENTION: This mod is NOT to change *everything* that has been done or that *is* this game. The only goal is to take what we've got and alter it (in very minor ways) to have a most balanced and FAIR game. No funky extra features, cheats or super uber-moves. Only the 1.03a Source and very small gameplay tweaks, to make for a better Jedi Outcast experience, NOT for a whole new game!
    Put simple: To finally have some *balanced* saber combat! To give everyone the option to run a 1.03a server with all it's fixes. While additionally balancing out the remaining saber combat issues with a minimum of modification.


    So to sum up:

    Raven Fixes
    Backswing has been sorted and tweaked to behave the way it was meant to in v1.03 (Raven just forgot btw).

    Cant turn on your axis whilst backstabing anymore.

    The "Glide" has been removed. Infact it speeds you up on the way down.. OUCH

    Gun ammo useage has been reset to v1.02 settings

    MOD makers tweaks
    Saber throw uses 60% force Mana and does less damage. Not convinced yet, but i can see the method behind the madness

    Kick doesn't do as much damage. I like this one, you can kick without complaints coz its now more of a suppression and time buying move.

    Ok thats about it :)

    I'll email all the clan leaders on the email addy they registered with BarrysWorld and get them a copy of the MOD so they can play it and get some praccy in on their servers before the BWJK2L kicks off.

    Thats the MAJOR worry sorted :) let the games commence :D

  2. lc_alan

    lc_alan Guest


    i aint got the mod in my post :'(
    im not loved :( (dam u blackshirt :p j/k)
    so any link or any thnig i need it :)
  3. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    I'll mail it to you tonight m8

  4. .Keith.

    .Keith. Guest

    lol quick ain't ya :)
  5. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Nope, not quick. I tried the Lucasarts forum like u said but couldn't find it. Found all the TraceSaber and Ghoul stuff, but not the mod :(

    Besides, if you'd just given me the Mod when I asked about it, it would have been easier for me (I've been running arround like a maniac as it is with this league) and Jolt would have got the credit for it :p (not that credit has anything to do with it, but thats not the point)

  6. .Keith.

    .Keith. Guest

    I forgot search was disabled on the lucasforums :(

    There should be another on massassi.net that doesn't change kick, unless they deleted it

    hey i'm not all bad :)
  7. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Would that be jolt admin keith then?

    anyway *xeno takes a bow* :D
    Not that credit has anything to do with it :p

    Yeah there is another one that is just the straight source code.

    u1.04, needs to be applied client side though.

    I've heard that you can set it up to run server side only though.
    Might be a good idea if the saber throw kick nerfs are an issue.
  8. lc_alan

    lc_alan Guest


    thxs m8s
    for da mod hope it was no trubble
    just a bit tipsy i think
    *falls over*
    *rolls down the stiars*
  9. .Keith.

    .Keith. Guest

    depends how they coded u1.04, if they changed ne client side stuff like models then yer u'll need client side, otherwise it shud run just server side. I used a slightly different one, but shud do the same thing :)

    And thanks to the stupid BW forum thing i cudn't have my old username Keith, it forced me to choose this :(

    ahh well :)
  10. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Should try it with the matrix map :cool:

    Looks like BY are the only ones not even considering the SDK mods. :rolleyes:
  11. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Guest

    Re: ahh

    ermmm what?
  12. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    I was getting some major playing in last night on the MOD, and after a while I started liking the toned down kicks and saber throw and Backswing. It adds some tactics to fights, people can Kick all they like, with it only taking 9 health off it takes something like 11 or 12 kicks to finish you off. If they manage to get that number of kicks in you're doing something wrong :p

    I think the mod makers nailed it. It does prevent the Kick Spamming and the kick can be used to open up the fight a bit. Also Saber throwing is now more tactical, spamming with it isn't practical, if you wanna use other force powers.

    I like the MOD and we'll keep it as it is. We'll see how its recieved during this tournament (I can see a posertive responce). If thats that's the case, I may ask Bigfoot to try and get it in general use on a few of the public servers :) (not that I have any waight when it comes to the publics, but asking aint gonna kill me)

  13. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Yeah, but if it works with the league it might show that it could be popular with the pubs too
  14. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Does the patch put the saber power back to 1.02? or does it still take about 5 hits to kill someone?
  15. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    No, still seems to be 1.03 damage for normal hits.
  16. Zey

    Zey Guest

    doh :(

    I keep getting visions where sabers cut through people easily... don't know where from mind... must be me ;)
  17. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    G_SaberTraceFirst makes it easier to get a kill, by making the block a little more skillful.

    In the v1.03 patch if both guys are swinging their sabers then they block each other. At least with TraceSaberFirst turned off, then the players will only cancel each other out if their sabers actucally clash.

    Also with the Ghoul2Collision set on the servers, shots become point specific. For example a headshot will do more damage than just clipping his arm. So you may find it possible to get 2 or 3 hit kills provided you get in some good solid hits.


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