Problem with Uguru function on the AI7 motherboard


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
I have an Abit AI7 motherboard that seems to work fine, but, it has a built in function called Uguru that allows for such things as fan and temperature control, overclocking in a windows enviroment etc. First time i tried using i after comp was newly built it immeditly started sounding alarms sounds through the internal pc speaker - i could not locate anything that seemed to be the matter tho, and i exited it and didnt use it again since it started the warning sounds every time i tried. Ive now had the comp for 8-9 months and there has been no problems with it of a nature that needs internal speaker warning sounds, and they have never sounded apart from when i used the Uguru function.

Tonight i, for some silly reason, decided to try it again and ofc the warning sounds started. But this time they didnt stop when i exited the program and i had to shut down the comp for them to stop. When i restarted it the sound came on immedietly and went on all through an otherwise problemfree boot, and then the sound stopped when i entered XP, except irregular warning bleeps now and then with like 10-30 sec in between.
I can see nothing wrong whatsoever with the comp (no overheating, fans are running as they should, everything is seated properly and everything is working) and can only come to the conclusion that the Uguru-thingy somehow fucked up my internal speakers :eek6: Ive tried rebooting several times and the sound keeps persisting, so i had no other choise than unplugging the internal speakers since i can find nothing that they should be warning me about. Neither can i find any active process or bootprocess in the taskmanager or in Msconfig that might be the cause :/

Has anyone else had such a problem, or know how to solve it? Or know anything about problems with the Uguru feature? I dont want to run without internal speakers in case something that really needs a warning signal happens :(


Prince Among Men
Dec 22, 2003
It is an Abit known problem, it was ment to be fixed at some point. Maybe flash to latest bios, But i scoped around and see no refrence to a fix for it.

Work round most seem to be useing is to turn the Master Beeps off in the guru menu. System should still maintian its beeping but guru won't go mental. (cause is coz it beeps on "Drastic" changes, think its havin a problem knowing whats drastic and whats not ;))

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