Price Check - Merc Sidi BP


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
Anyone have any idea how much Livid Decievers Warchain would sell for ?
I got an offer of 25p the other day, its 100% con/dur.

Before Heffer throws a tantrum and yells at me for not consulting the guild first, this doesnt mean im selling it, just checking the price. :rolleyes:


Can't get enough of FH
Jan 23, 2004
Hard to tell tbh with ToA comming out ..

I guess most people will build templates around Artifacts useing Sc'd Stuff to fill the gap's .. the more fixed stat items u got the harder it will be cap everyting. So will be worth alot more now then in 2 weeks time.

If some one offered u 25 plat .. i would take it the cash .. get a nice couple of artifacts when ToA comes out and buy the scrolls needed from a CM.

With most Artifacts able to be done with 1 fg .. u should be able to get at least 3 and buy the 9 scrolls needed with the 25 plat and still have easly enough change left to get MP Sc'd Armour to fit around it ..

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