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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Headstrong, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. Headstrong

    Headstrong Fledgling Freddie

    Ok heres the deal,

    Since WoW etc came out there is fewer and fewer fg pk groups about, although there are plenty of players on.

    So how about we host a PK night in classic Hib with all the pk active guilds running a group ( Horde, Les Bannis, GDE, Odins, Bloodgate, Sacrifice, Exertion, West coast, etc )

    8 groups running around between DL and MM would be really cool ;p

    if theres any intrest we can maybe make it a weekly event changing between classic zones and stuff, would be nice to meet more then 1fg a night.

    So post replies and stuff see if we can arrange a day... like a Monday night or something xD
  2. old.windforce

    old.windforce Part of the furniture

    Would be great if we had some enemies
  3. Minau

    Minau Loyal Freddie

    would be so much more fun if we could move the current PvP arena from
    ToA to Hib classic.. good ol DL-MM area \o/ and we should get less wall
    jumping, portal camping etc.. best ide ever imo :)

    Would maybe make it easier for peeps to get arties aswell then, wich
    would result in guilds getting kited out for PvP faster = more fgs to fight :cheers:
  4. Tankgirl

    Tankgirl Fledgling Freddie

    If u like zerging and piss your pants at anything challenging, go join an alb rvr zerg on a carebear server.

    I, really, could never have thought that a guild could become more pathetic then an average french guild.

    :m00: !
  5. Amildin

    Amildin Can't get enough of FH

    Imo Horde should split up into 2 guilds, then you'd have some enemys :)
  6. Minau

    Minau Loyal Freddie

    U meen like thoose 10ish peeps who left Horde to form < Exertion > ?
  7. Amildin

    Amildin Can't get enough of FH

    Yea, see my idea was so good they did it imediatly :touch:
  8. Renwind

    Renwind One of Freddy's beloved

    left? we kicked a few....
  9. Minau

    Minau Loyal Freddie

    and sum left :D
  10. Headstrong

    Headstrong Fledgling Freddie

    Zerging? Challenging?

    you obviously dont understand the concept of this idea..
    its about 1fg from each guild comming on one night to pk, thus having lots of people to fight instead of running around toa for an hour only to find 1fg out.

    get it? :touch:
  11. vintervargen

    vintervargen Banned

    too bad we never saw a haedstrong-grp in hib classic when Diva got a few guilds there ;)
  12. Headstrong

    Headstrong Fledgling Freddie

    think you'll find i was there with Horde at the time... have a movie that skold made of it. ^^
  13. Bonelamencer

    Bonelamencer One of Freddy's beloved

    They quited prenf :( Only scum left on Camlann :p Can say the same about postnf rvr servers :m00: Daoc lost "old school players"
  14. Bonelamencer

    Bonelamencer One of Freddy's beloved

    Horde was/is/will be scum fyi
  15. Minau

    Minau Loyal Freddie

    what do u base that conclusion on ?
    Do u even know any1 in Horde ?

    Back to topic.. i hope we`l see many guilds running around
    the Hib loop 2nite, would be such a blast, So all u guilds who
    can put up a fg, come out and play :D
  16. Bonelamencer

    Bonelamencer One of Freddy's beloved

    yea,there is only 1 decent player - tabbi.I did conclusion on the previous experience of horde as pk guild.They never had any good pk group afaik.But well,Diva was scum too.I am not surprised that players from there joined horde cos they suit each other :p
  17. enkor

    enkor Can't get enough of FH

    and you know everything about lvl 50 fg vs fg fighting rofl

    fyi horde maingroup with frown etc was one of the best on the server at the time. (and at that time the competition was a lot more skilled than it is today)
  18. Bahumat

    Bahumat FH is my second home

    this idea could be alot of fun except 2 things

    those damn frenchies will log 2000000 people and zerg us all.

    animist army or whatever they called will camp MM. i once saw 3 animiists spamming schrooms all over the place. a few people including myself were forced back as they kept on casting towards us. as a a 3 man tank group we ran like screaming girls....well i did at least lol
  19. Yoshimo

    Yoshimo Fledgling Freddie

    Despite the fact that we weren't listed in the pvp force's. Fear will be there friday night with 8 carefully selected players. GL and may you all die with honour :cheers:
    PS use this next time ur listing guilds:
  20. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Fledgling Freddie

    Nice idea Headstrong. The only guild that you didn't list, is the only one that replied with a sensible answer. What is with the eejits that post on this forum? It would appear that the majority only know how to flame.
    I hope you get some more possitive responses.
    May I suggest that you post messages on the forums of the various guild that you'd like to participate - you'd probably get less rubbish there (except for Fear who are always full of poo :) ).
  21. Bahumat

    Bahumat FH is my second home

  22. Bahumat

    Bahumat FH is my second home

  23. Phoebee-v-

    Phoebee-v- Fledgling Freddie

  24. Bonelamencer

    Bonelamencer One of Freddy's beloved

    Yea i know more then you do ;) At what time ? When Adrenaline/LW/Ruin and other decent guilds were active horde maingroup was camping toa porters 24/7 cos they sucked everywhere.Do you mean this time haha ?Ask ur Frown where he usualy played ;) Did he camp si or toa porters? Show me ur "deep knowledges" sweety ! :wanker:
  25. old.windforce

    old.windforce Part of the furniture

    what competition :(

    /edit: not bragging, just QQ @ lack of enemies
  26. sabbar

    sabbar One of Freddy's beloved

    Im in Horde and im a scum, but not like i care anyway.
  27. Riph

    Riph Fledgling Freddie

    Yep, Dennis is scum tbh ^^ :clap:
  28. old.windforce

    old.windforce Part of the furniture

    yep he is scum

  29. enkor

    enkor Can't get enough of FH

    hi. have you ever fought that group fg vs fg? thought not, come back when you have and tell me if they are skilled or not.
  30. Bonelamencer

    Bonelamencer One of Freddy's beloved

    Hi ! Did you ever know that if you die irl then you will be dead? :m00:
    You didn't run in fgs either so stfu :twak:

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